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I review a custom and gradual self tanner for pale skin by Tan Luxe in medium/dark that claims to have no smell, no streaks, and a natural finish. I explain how I apply the self tanner including how much of the self tanner I use to achieve my desired natural, custom shade. My self tan routine testing Tan Luxe the body drops is helpful if you are a beginner to fake tanning, have a pale skin tone, or simple want natural glowy skin. This fake tanner has many claims, but the possibility of having a self tan with smell is intriguing! To say the least, achieving a fake self tan at home can be difficult and daunting but my review on Tan Lux the body drops may change your mind (for worse or better).
As with any self tanner for pale skin, it can be hard to come by, so watch my Tan Luxe review to see if this higher end self tanner is worth the price.

~Tan Luxe The Body:

~CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30

~St.Ives Pear Nectar and Soy Body Lotion

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