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my fav morning skincare routine right now🫧

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my updated 2022 morning skincare routine, let me know if you guys want to see my nighttime version xx

products used:
Face cleanser: https://shop-links.co/chrMyFGah5D
Face serum: https://shop-links.co/chrMyGn6goU
Face serum #2: https://shop-links.co/chrMyFD0SDM
Ice roller: https://shop-links.co/chrMyGDaksO
Eye cream: https://shop-links.co/chrMyF9LOJ9
Face oil: https://shop-links.co/chrMyGxkIYQ
Face cream: https://shop-links.co/chrMyFANnsw
Sunscreen: https://shop-links.co/chrMyFXxUGS
Lip pencil: https://shop-links.co/chrMyFFOGPX
Lip oil: https://shop-links.co/chrMyFB1Gik

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