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Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial – How to Create a Natural Daytime Look (Ep 3)

In this makeup tutorial for Asian eyes Pamela Hackeman, Instructor at Make-Up Designory’s Los Angeles Campus, uses her favorite versatile travel palette to apply eyeshadow and cheek color to create a simple, fast, casual eye make-up look for Asian skin. For more information about the products and techniques in this video, visit our blog: http://www.mudblog.net/blog/make-up_on_the_go_part_3/

Eye Makeup Tutorial for Green Eyes

Green eyes may be rare, but we definitely received a lot of requests for this tutorial. In this eye makeup tutorial for green eyes, Make-Up Designory’s Reiva Cruze shows you how to make green eyes pop. First Reiva preps the eyelid with the Vintage Eye Pencil (http://shop.mudshop.com/vintage-eye-pencil ) and the #810 Blending Brush (http://shop.mudshop.com/810-smudger-natural-blend-brush ) […]