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👍🏼 Nail Do's and Don'ts 🚫 For Beginners 📓 DIY Nail Hacks 💅🏼

For our Beginner Besties out there, here are some quick tips and do’s and don’ts when it comes to prepping and applying to your nails!💅🏼 Comment below some tips of your own!💖 ♡PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO:♡ 👍🏼 ‘Chinchilla’ (G410) – https://www.kiarasky.com/gel-polish-g410-chinchilla/ 👍🏼 Romantic Coral (N490) – https://www.kiarasky.com/nail-lacquer-n490-romantic-coral/ NEW TO DIP POWDER? GET YOURSELF STARTED […]

How to Apply Dip Powder with Nail Tips | Step by Step

This tutorial will walk you through the process of dip powder nails and show you how to use clear dip powder to protect the layers of color underneath. The clear dip powder ensures the color chosen stays bright and vibrant even after extensive drilling and filing. ♡PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO:♡ http://www.kiarasky.com/dip-system-starter-kit/ http://www.kiarasky.com/dip-powder-d422-pink-lipstick/ NEW TO […]

How to avoid lifting!🙅🏻‍♀️ Nail Prep for Beginners 💅🏻How to Prep Nails for Acrylic, Gel, and Dip

Today’s video is all about prep! 💅🏻 We’ll be showing you all of our prepping tips and tricks to ensure your nails last with no lifting. 📝 These tips are perfect for all nail enhancements including acrylic, gel, and dip! Let’s get to prepping. 💕 NEW TO DIP POWDER? GET YOURSELF STARTED WITH OUR DIP […]

✨Easy Glitter Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial 🦄

🦄Kiara Sky Professional Nails debuts sister company Glam and Glits Nail Design’s first YouTube video on Kiara Sky TV! This video features special guest and popular Instagram nail tech @_stephsnails_. She will show you how she creates her infamous Unicorn Horn Nail using colorful acrylic from Glam and Glits. 🦄The unicorn horn nail is a […]

📐Shaping the Perfect Coffin Nail ⚰️ Nail Shape 101 ✨How to File Your Nails

It’s all about that shape Besties!📐 You asked, and we delivered! Here is a Quick tutorial on how to make the perfect Coffin Shape for your next Mani!⚰️ Comment below your favorite shape⤵️ ♡PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO:♡ ⚰️ BL3036 – ‘The Mauve Life’: https://www.glamandglits.com/the-mauve-life-bl3036/ ⚰️ BL3024 – ‘Pink-A-Holic’: https://www.glamandglits.com/pink-a-holic-bl3024/ ⚰️ BL3029 – ‘Blueprint’: https://www.glamandglits.com/blueprint-bl3029/ […]

💅🏼 How to Build An Apex on Your Nail Using Dip Powder ✨ Nail Tutorial 💕

You’ve been asking for it Besties! 💅🏼 If you have been struggling to get that perfect arch using dip, watch and see how to build an Apex with the powder🤯 Let us know in the comments below if you’ve done this before!✅ ♡PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO:♡ 💅🏼 Bond: https://www.kiarasky.com/kiara-sky-dip-bond/ 💅🏼 Base: https://www.kiarasky.com/kiara-sky-dip-base/ 💅🏼 Natural: […]