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Winter Evening Skincare Routine | Gothamista

Here’s my Evening Anti-Aging Skincare Routine featuring my Winter essentials! Since the steps in my routine vary night to night and depend a lot on how my skin feels, I’m including everything. Some nights I need all the extra steps whilst others, I do as few as 3. The focus is on repair and anti-aging […]

Morning Skincare Routine | Anti-inflammation & Repair

My morning routines since retinoids have been about controlling the side-effects as well as protection. All products used are geared towards anti-inflammation, anti-redness, soothing, repair and of course environmental protection. This is a routine that’s been working really well for me recently! Pls excuse some inconsistencies in video quality. Halfway through filming, my mug of […]

Affordable Evening Skincare Routine | Fall

Enjoy my budget friendly Fall Skincare Routine! Everything is under $20 and products I would choose over more expensive luxury ones! My personal routine has simplified alot with the introduction of Retinol but I am still sharing where I would put my favourites in a routine because I believe that is what confuses us all […]

Winter Morning Skincare Routine

Enjoy my Winter Morning Skincare Routine! The Winter solstice just passed and my skin has been climatizing to the drier, colder conditions. I always tend to have a period of sensitivity during this time as I adjust but at this point, I have my basic routine down. Infact, since focusing more on treating my skin […]

Evening Skincare Routine | Fall 2019

This is the first in a skincare routine series I will be doing which will give a more comprehensive view of the choices and adjustments I make from day to day depending on the actives I use and my skin condition that day! My evening routine has really simplified around the more ‘serious’ actives I’m […]

Summer Evening Skincare Routine | Gothamista

** My Blog is finally up! Please visit and Sign-Up at www.thegothamista.com This will be the home for all those missing reviews and exclusive content, even short video reviews! Enjoy my Summer Evening Routine. As usual, this is focused on anti-aging and repair. Honestly, this is my favourite and most effective routine yet. The grouping […]