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Transforming into SpookylilPeach Makeup Tutorial

Today’s makeup tutorial is another influencer transformation. I am transforming myself into SpookylilPeach as she is known on the internet. This makeup tutorial was a challenge since I had no video references to go off of only photos on Instagram to do this tutorial. So if you enjoy me turning into SpookylilPeach let me know […]

Ice Queen Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I’m not one to do princess type looks, but a Queen yea that’s more my speed. For today’s Halloween makeup tutorial I bring you the Ice Queen. I have been waiting to do this tutorial for so long it’s actually crazy. I love the concept of Else and the Ice Queen type look I love […]

Blackpink Inspired Makeup Tutorial

I mean who isn’t obsessed with Blackpink at this point? Even if you aren’t a fan you have seen their fan cams. I was inspired by the Blackpink album cover for this makeup tutorial. If you guys like this one maybe I’ll do another inspired Blackpink themselves? Let me know! Anyway, I have been playing […]

Trying to do Pinterest Hair Tutorials

Like many people, I am obsessed with Pinterest. I have a whole board of hair tutorials to try that I have yet to do so why not try them here. So today I am trying to do Pinterest hair tutorials and seeing how they work for me. I did half of these hair tutorials with […]