Summer Bronze Makeup: Viewer Requested

Because you asked, a bronzey summer makeup look using all Seint and Demi. I am so in love with this look, it’s all I’m taking to the beach for my family vacation. I can’t wait to hear if you try it!
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  1. SuAnne Amos
    SuAnne Amos says:

    I noticed the same thing too and also stopped self tanning my face! Bella is the BEST! I have a few large spots on my arms and legs and so right after I self tan, I use a Qtip dipped in alcohol and rub off the sun spots. That removes some of the tanner and keeps them from getting crazy dark.

  2. annie bee
    annie bee says:

    I love Demi and seint. As an older gal they work really well for me. I bought Jones road mascara. It totally did not work for me. I threw it away after about 5 uses. Clumpy and transferred everywhere.

  3. Julie Lundevall
    Julie Lundevall says:

    Bend and Snap is beautiful also for blue eyes. But if wrinkles on eyelids I have to be careful so I am trying to just put on middle of eyelids near the lashes because shimmer does show your wrinkles more if you haven’t had eye surgery. Thanks ❤️💚💙😻Julie 12:40

  4. Julie Lundevall
    Julie Lundevall says:

    Don’t forget you can use Color Science new powder over your face every 2 hours same with Supergoop 40 SPF Spray every 2 hours on top of your Bella Bronzer from Seint. Or mix Tanlines with Bella together. Thank you Julie ❤️💙💚😻

  5. Laurie O'Sullivan
    Laurie O'Sullivan says:

    I noticed the same thing about self tanning my face so I stopped for that very reason! I can’t wait to hear how Musely works for you. Please update us after your first 30 days of use.

  6. Aimee Eby
    Aimee Eby says:

    I know exactly what you mean about Saffron. I like to use Sandstone the same way. It looks like a sunburn that has just begun to turn tan. 🤩 Love your videos! It feels like I’m putting on makeup with my best girlfriend! ❤

  7. Rae Nolan
    Rae Nolan says:

    Do you still like Beautycounter Twin skin foundation? I remember you saying it was so good. Is there a liquid foundation that’s replaced this one for you?

  8. Compact Beauty
    Compact Beauty says:

    I'm with you, that's the same reason I don't self tan my face, it enhances the sun spots!! You should try mixing Bella with Glow Illuminator, so pretty!!

  9. Kristie H
    Kristie H says:

    Wow, you seem super busy. I’m kinda envious. I graduate from college this week and I’m trying to think what I should do next. Have fun at the beach 🏝️

  10. Leona Needham
    Leona Needham says:

    Stunningly Beautiful. I love the look of a sunburn. Always made me feel so healthy and happy, no white pale skin. Never wore sunscreen. No I am paying the price. Enjoy your vacation !

  11. Lee Warren
    Lee Warren says:

    I totally love this look, but do you intentionally have your lip liner so much darker than the lip color? I see that over everything else. Definitely like the new cheek color!

  12. Kathy Dohack
    Kathy Dohack says:

    I am so addicted to your videos. I might have withdrawals the month of June. Seriously though-thank you for the techniques and fun looks. I have become so much more serious about my skin care since I found you.

  13. Jean O
    Jean O says:

    Love this look!! You look like you just came from the beach and you look so beautiful!! I’m 76 yrs. old and I want to try it! What do you think, Michelle? Is there an age limit? Anxious to see your drugstore look on Saturday! Thank you so much for this great video and the tips and tricks. You’re the best!! Love You!! .😘💕💜

  14. Chris.S
    Chris.S says:

    I’m loving my seint I just got it about a month ago.. I’m ordering more and I can pick my regular colors but I’m gonna get a couple Demi colors idk at all where to start. Btw that’s terrifying we live in the mountains of eastern Kentucky and well there’s trees everywhere all around us it worries me constantly that it’s gonna happen.. and we have no homeowner’s.. this house my parents built 27 years ago and it needs so much we need a roof and floors replaced. We’ve done 2 rooms refloored from the ground up basically…we got a bedroom and a laundry room that needs it last year .. but building supplies are so outrageous expensive right now..

  15. Jan Huckabee
    Jan Huckabee says:

    Oh my geeeeeee, I always want but bypass Saffron 🤦🏻‍♀️ Will be in my next Seint order. Beautiful look….I love mixing my Bella Bronzer with either Glow or Rose Gold Illuminator, gives me a soft kiss of color, and we all know that’s important when 70 is literally just around the corner! 😍 Thank you for always delivering 🤩💖

  16. A S
    A S says:

    I have sangria. Which is so similar to saffron imo. I actually bought saffron too but returned it bc it looks exactly like sangria on me. But I LOVE sangria. I wear it all year. I love a hot cheek.

  17. sandra martin
    sandra martin says:

    Hey, firstly thank you for all the wonderful videos! I would love if you could do a video on makeup brushes, if you can’t afford or don’t want to purchase seint brushes what brushes would be comparable? Thank you in advance!!! ❤

  18. Janet Doniphan
    Janet Doniphan says:

    LOVE this look!! As always you never disappoint. Watching this makes me want to pull out my Seint and play around even though it's getting close to my bedtime, lol. 🤣😂 I cannot wait to see what you have planned with Demi here very soon. 😁😁 that's going to be my next purchase, a bunch of Demi products. Enjoy your time off at the beach!! Hope you have a wonderful, safe time.

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