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Here is a video on how to get the middle flow haircut.

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33 replies
  1. Philip H
    Philip H says:

    Interesting you say that if your length is not equal they butchered your haircut. Well seems that was what happened with my last one as my right side bangs are shorter than the left & don’t not flow like the left side of my bangs does

    My hairstyle right now pushing/combing it towards the right (not sure if that’s technically called a side part), but interested in this hairstyle or something similar to middle part curtain bangs for a guy. In the past 2 years my seems to have gotten thinner on top which makes my middle part look even more pronounced than before.

    Any tips to reduce the visibility of that? I would use volumizing shampoo but I’ve heard that it might contribute to hair loss

  2. Ryan Graham
    Ryan Graham says:

    You look great brotha , been growing my hair out for 5 or 6 months it’s about this length in the video , love watching your vids not only cause all the great ideas I get to do with my hair but your passion for how much you love hair it’s really great to watch !

  3. Zal 24
    Zal 24 says:

    Im trying to grow my hair out with a middle part however my hair on one side is longer than the other, should i ask my barber to even it put out or should i buzz my hair to grow it out evenly from the start?? (Currently have a side part with a fade on the sides)

  4. O N
    O N says:

    I have long hair and like to keep a few strands falling down my face however sometimes the strands curl outwards away from my face when it dries. How would I stop this?

  5. Mary R
    Mary R says:

    Love your beard! And as a mother of 3 adult sons…I would say they all like the longer layered hair now..they all have nice thick hair and I always said it was a shame to shave it all off.

  6. Seicheez
    Seicheez says:

    i have a question and that how do you style wavy hair into a middle parting, particularly when i want to air dry it
    i’ve tried brush all back and when i push it forward, my bangs😂 ‘my bangs”at the roots go backwards and at the ends it curls weird

    edit: 2b-2c with coarse hair

  7. Nadjib Cheikh
    Nadjib Cheikh says:

    Whenever I want a hairstyle. I find that the only way to achieve this is to have layers. That is cool but in my region, I don't have a professional barber nor have I have the budget needed for such hair stylists. How am I coping? My hair length is the same as the one in the mannequin (reaching the tip of my nose ) though it's not layered so it is always flat on the top and poofy on the sides. I have no problem with my current haircut as long as my hair is not freezy but if anyone has a solution, I'm open to suggestions!

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