CURRENT SKINCARE ROUTINE ✨ morning & night / brighten skin + reduce texture

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Best Cleansing Balms ➜

◇ elf cleansing balm
◇ (mentioned) arm things for not getting water all over the place
◇ milani cleansing balm
◇ other cleansing balm favs
◇ cera ve hydrating cleanser
◇ la roche posay cleanser
◇ cera ve hydrating cleansing bar soap
◇ paula’s choice BHA liquid exfoliant
◇ reusable fabric rounds
◇ vitamin c serum
◇ belif aqua bomb moisturizer
◇ thick moisturizer rec
◇ rosehip oil
◇ belif eye balm
◇ other eye cream rec:
◇ nécessaire neck serum
◇ nécessaire body serum

◇ Milani avocado butter
◇ lawless cherry vanilla mask
◇ (mentioned) lawless gloss I love

◇ vitamin c serum
◇ spf or on amazon
◇ elf whoa glow spf
◇ supergoop glow screen spf
◇ other spf recs
◇ supergoop glow screen body spf
◇ supergoop glow oil
◇ Bilbao spf
Tinted SPFs
◇ alastin
◇ bliss block star or on amazon

◇ Tula Face Mask
◇ Ole Henrikson Cold plunge pore mask

◇ Pink pjs (sz M)
◇ Earrings
◇ Hair clips
◇ Valentino foundation
◇ Pf powder
◇ Nails
◇ Smiley bracelets

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20 replies
  1. Nothing But Love
    Nothing But Love says:

    Your link has totally crashed my Ulta app now it won’t work. At all!! I have to delete the app and try to re download it! Please fix your bad link it’s on the night moisturizer

  2. TC
    TC says:

    Oh, man I LOVE the smell of Rose Hip Seed Oil. It is a dead ringer for a core memory- I used to play with my cousins in their old barn (in the hay), and that’s exactly what it smells like. Every time I use it it’s a beautiful memory!

  3. Katie Ricker
    Katie Ricker says:

    Do you apply self Tanner yourself or do you go somewhere and get sprayed? It looks amazing! Also taking notes from your skin care routine! Went to Ulta today and bought some of the products you recommended! Can't wait to use them and see some results.

  4. Jam
    Jam says:

    I question your suncreens since you took accutane, with the mindset that your skin isn’t breakout prone now. Thats always my beef with suncreens 😢😂

    Update: Bil-bo-ah (like rocky)

  5. Mary Armstrong
    Mary Armstrong says:

    I never comment, but, I have to hand it to you…this is such an amazingly solid routine! It’s like an amazing mullet trio. High and low with the prices ❤ also, the Beauty of Joseon Dynasty cream is a great “dupe” for the belif aqua bomb. Totally unscented too.

  6. hermajesty52
    hermajesty52 says:

    Taylor I loved you when your skin was wretched -and I SO admired your hutzpah, your bravery–your loving yourself enough to expose yourself in order to help others. Did you feel confident? I wonder…. but I felt like you did and it gave ME courage. I didn't have acne- I had OLD skin 🙂 and I used your attitude to free myself up from the stigma of age…. Do you understand? Anyway, thanks.

  7. trista417
    trista417 says:

    Late to the video but I just watched your 2021 skin care routine and the beginning of the video was word for word exactly the same as this video. That’s how I know you are authentically you on your channel and we appreciate it ♥️

  8. ( ◜‿◝ )♡
    ( ◜‿◝ )♡ says:

    I recently have been able to invest in my skincare a little bit which has been nice to do again because I've always had combo, mostly dry skin with both facial/body acne, and more recently my habit of popping a couple of zits every couple of weeks as I've done for years has turned into a full on compulsive behavior that I do without thinking. I have so much dark scarring to try fading over time, mostly on my back and arms. I've of course started basic just to heal my skin. I've been using the Cetaphil Gentle Clear clarifying acne cleanser on my face, and Cetaphil Smoothing Relief body wash in the shower, and after a shower I don't pat my skin dry with a towel much at all anymore, just enough to not get the floor all wet, instead I'll immediately put the Neutrogena Hydro Boost unscented body lotion all over my face and body while my skin is still damp. I pat on a light layer of Vaseline onto my face, neck, and also rub a little on and behind my ears, plus my elbows and knees. I've also been using the Differin Acne Clearing body spray to further treat my body acne. So far my face is really clear and the sores on my body are mostly healed, and I'm really excited to begin adding in actives that'll fade the scarring. Also I've reduced my picking significantly within the last month. I have caved a few times and picked a few blemishes, but I've stopped letting myself self sabotage by thinking "Already picked a couple and ruined clear skin for myself, might as well go ham." If I start scanning I give myself 10 minutes and I don't let it get to point where I'm covered in sores and hiding from people cause I'd rather them see me looking healthier.

  9. C.Abalos6414
    C.Abalos6414 says:

    How long should I wait in between applications of these products? Because I’m assuming I’m not wiping them off before the next. Thanks for your response.

  10. C.Abalos6414
    C.Abalos6414 says:

    New to your channel and new to skincare. Please excuse my dumb question…as you apply each of these products are you just applying on top of each or wiping them off in between?

  11. NurseeCori
    NurseeCori says:

    Hi Taylor! I’m an aesthetic nurse and I would totally recommend trying microneedling with PRP treatments or on its own. Preferably look to a medspa/office that uses the skinpen specifically.
    Morpheus or some form of RF microneedling (uses heat) would also be amazing.
    I’d recommend a series of 3-6 sessions to see the best results. Essentially the “ damage” caused to the skin will force the skin remodeling process, it’ll ultimately help so much with large pores, textures and fine lines. It’ll definetely help with acne scarring.
    Adding retinol to your regimen would also be amazing to increase cell rate turnover would target fine lines/wrinkles and scarring as well 💕
    Loved you’re video ☺️

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