💙DIY Poly gel nail tutorial for beginners | in -depth, easy,& fast |

🎀If you do it fast maybe you only need less than 20 minutes

Hey!! I hope you like this video, as always, feel free to ask anything in the comments! 💌

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Here is the stuff we used in the video:

Poly Gel Nail Kit:https://bit.ly/3mMKqsc

Nail gel:https://bit.ly/3eD5Zv6

Accessories used for poly glue:https://bit.ly/3O9XBz9

Nail Molds:https://bit.ly/3NKGLHf

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  1. missblacksheepdoesnails
    missblacksheepdoesnails says:

    I don’t know why but I’m so afraid to do my nails this way, you know squeeze some unto my nail then use the dual form and squish it down like that. The dual forms intimidate me a little actually, I’ve never been able to get myself to use them. Never mind using the lazy girl/femi beauty method. 😂😂 I’m such a scardy cat. I watch all these amazing designs too using dual forms, and the lazy girl method some people swear by it. I need help. Lmao
    I love that color btw 😊

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