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  1. Sanskuri
    Sanskuri says:

    Hello everyone, I just wanna let some people know that there’s an app to see if a skin care product is bad, it’s Called Yuka and u just scan and it can show harmful ingredients that might irritate your skin!

  2. Mandy Heart
    Mandy Heart says:

    A quick (actually not-so-brief, but well detailed, in my opinion, as I go back to proofread my writing, 😆😆) suggestion: micellar water and toner are different products with different purposes. Micellar water is an oil/water emulsion that acts as a cleanser, often used before your typical cleansing step to help remove dirt, oil, impurities etc. While it doesn’t have to be rinsed, using before cleansing is suggested so that no residue is left on the skin, minimizing any pore-clog issues. Toner, in contrast, are applied after cleansing to balance the skin’s pH and come in various formulations aimed at targeting specific skin issues. Toners used to have a bad reputation because they often contained harsh, skin-irritating, oil-stripping ingredients like isopropyl alcohol, but great formulations differ entirely these days.
    I didn’t notice exfoliation benefits in your routine. In lieu of rough physical exfoliation with apricot kernel bits, microplastic beads, and who knows what else, opting for effective and gentle chemical exfoliation via a toner with ahas (alpha hydroxy acids) would be a great substitution for your micellar water step! I’m sure you’ve heard of ahas, as aha-containing products have become widely available, affordable, and recommended across the board by skincare experts. You can still use your micellar water, preferably before traditional cleansing, however since micellar water functionality isn’t adding any skin-loving benefits to your routine (it cleanses, duplicating Step 1 function), switching products in your Step 2, to a proper toner, would only work to further care for and benefit your skin.
    Take it or leave it. Your skin looks stunning and this is in no way a skin critique! It’s rather a suggestion based on common product application sequencing and recommended beneficial ingredients, as guided by experts. I tend to share info (info that I know to be true, that is…I can’t stand reading/hearing people giving “advice” when the content shared lacks factual, objective support, but rather, has been conjured up from opinions, scare-tactics, myths, and thoughtless, out-of-perspective nonsense.

  3. Some random punk
    Some random punk says:

    Nice routine, as a guy I’ve met guys who have been frowned upon for having a skincare routine, why?. My skin broke out at ten (I found out my dad was the same) so I adapted a skincare routine, moisturiser, cleanser, and sunscreen. And because I’m a punk I play around with my hair a lot. What I have figured out works for me.
    change pillow case once every four days (flip over and switch side), avoid picking my scars, take out my liberty spikes before bed. Don’t get strong hair spray on my face (it literally glues your pores.
    Great video maddi

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