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I’m 23 years old, my birthday is on August 12. I was born and raised in the Netherlands and I’m half Nigerian. I currently live in Rotterdam with my puppy Blu.

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38 replies
  1. k c
    k c says:

    I use that moisturizer too – love it! but I need something a little stronger now that I am on tretenoin so I am going to be trying out vanicream tonight (the moisturizing cream) and the vanicream daily moisturizer in the AM. im def going to try out the eye stuff you mentioned cuz nothing ever works for my dark circles

  2. Maca
    Maca says:

    niacinamide at 10% is really bad, specially with glycolic acid. Niacinamide should never be used at more than 5%. Some brands sell it at higher percentages because the average person will buy it without checking if it's good or not.
    And glycolic acid is ONLY for night routine, never morning.
    And if you keep scrubing your lips every night it will give you sensitivity at some point. IF you really want to do something like that use something soft (an actual lip scrub) and use it no more than once a week. There's no need of exfoliation for your lips, the lips get constant exfoliation from what you eat. You just have to moisturize no matter if you have soft, dehidrated or cracked lips

  3. ㄹㅅㄹ
    ㄹㅅㄹ says:

    what size are your ears? mine shrunk from 00g to like a 14g (this was an accident). My ears were stretched for years so they didn't shrink all the way, so I can't wear regular earrings but I want to go back to a bigger size and your tunnels look so cute on you so I feel inspired to re-stretch them again now haha.

  4. Jajsani R
    Jajsani R says:

    You're a real one for dropping the routine, always glowing girl! ✨💛 Definitely enjoying the voiceovers lately, just adds a that nice pop of personality to the vid!

  5. Sibo
    Sibo says:

    The night time routine was so hilarious 😭 your high chronicles are something we need to see more of pls 😭🤍

  6. Buse
    Buse says:

    you’re just became my night routine gurlll!! I can’t sleep without watch your vlogs🫶🏻at least one even it’s old video. I’m just obsessed!!

  7. Lucas Fernandes
    Lucas Fernandes says:

    I absolutely LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! the combo am and pm was something that I never seen here before !! Absolutely love all the effort that u put in making ur content! Aaaaaa

  8. Sapphic
    Sapphic says:

    Niacinamide is amazing. It's good for oily/combination skin. It's to help keep the oil production under control 😌. For the glycolic acid, you can use your hands to apply cuz cotton rounds absorbs most of it. But if you don't want to you can put it before niacinamide. Since you using a cotton round, you may be taking off niacinamide while applying the glycolic acid. You're glowing! ✨😊

  9. Nozibusiso Khuzwayo
    Nozibusiso Khuzwayo says:

    I don’t know man, but in the night time routine, if you told me Zoe Saldaña was in some way related to Lisa, I’d definitely believe you.😭😭 anyways, you’re such a gorgeous queen Lisa, & the skin? such a slay! ❤️

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