How I do my Gel X Nail Extensions! (Tutorial) #shorts

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  1. MonkeyKittyAG
    MonkeyKittyAG says:

    How long do you think gel x nails would last as an apprentice hairdresser? My main concern is having my hands constantly in water even though I’m only part time:)

  2. Seek God while he might be found
    Seek God while he might be found says:

    Wait you said it’s not nail glue it’s regular gel and then right after that you said I’m gonna take that same nail glue. so is it regular gel or nail glue I’m confused. Can you use clear gel nail polish as a nail glue

  3. Michaela valek
    Michaela valek says:

    I must have some terrible tips because I got a gelX kit a couple months ago and prepped my nails really well and they would stay on for like a day and then one or two would pop off and I was left with a peeled white consistency on my nails of the gel and some would come off and the rest was stuck really well and I cured them like 3 times to make sure they were dry and still were messed up!

  4. emilie
    emilie says:

    ik the chances of you seeing this comment are slim; i would just like to ask you to make more nail content. more designs, tutorials, etc. pleaasee!

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