3 Minute Skin Care Routine Every Man Needs

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27 replies
  1. Om Rohit
    Om Rohit says:

    I have a question when do you do the skin care routine and when to do it in the morning for example after shower right away or do I do skincare routine when I wake up and after brushing teeth I do skin care routine and please tell me what time to do skincare routine ?

  2. Jude Antony.Benjamin
    Jude Antony.Benjamin says:

    Loved the video. BUT:
    1. Vitamin C and then moisturiser not the other way.
    2. Searching amazon's best seller and finding your product is the worst way to choose a product. Understand what your skin type is and the choose a decent one. Its mostly about trial and error initially. But once you find the one that suits you stick to it.
    3. Facial razors shouldn't be done for those who have active acne and shouldn't be used daily for sure.
    4. Good point about a night time serum . But the best habit would be to include Retinol into night routine since it is the most studied and tested skincare ingredient with guaranteed results, if used properly.
    5. Don't fall into false marketing like "face wash for men" and pay extra dollars on it, just because it comes in a black package and are usually too foamy and drying for skin. Understand that there is only product that works for you and doesn't work.

  3. Health Info Tips
    Health Info Tips says:

    This video is a game-changer! 🙌🧔💪 I never realized how important a quick and effective skincare routine could be until I watched this. The tips and techniques shared here are incredibly valuable and have already made a noticeable difference in my skin's health. Thank you for simplifying the process and showing us that self-care is for everyone! 🌟👏💆‍♂#SkincareGoals #SelfCareSunday #MenGlowingToo

    @Teachingmensfashion Thank you so much for sharing this amazing skincare routine! 🙏🤩 It's refreshing to see content catered specifically to men's skincare needs. I'll definitely be incorporating these tips into my daily routine. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see more skincare advice from you. 💙👍😊 #SkinGameStrong #MenSkincareRevolution #HealthyGlowingSkin

  4. Nikool
    Nikool says:

    When you straight razor your face, doesnt the hairs on your face become thicker and more visible. If would look weird to have big hairs on your face

  5. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I have a question does being in the sun every 3 to 4 days also affect my skin,because i do everyrhing in this video but i feel like the sun might have a bad impact

  6. Michael Eisenberg
    Michael Eisenberg says:

    Vitamin C goes BEFORE the moisturizer. Also, not everyone needs it depending on their skin complexion. For people watching videos like these in the male self-improvement space, I think we still have a long way to go in terms of giving skin care advice.

  7. joe bond
    joe bond says:

    The face wash with the bits in it twice a week. Ordinary face wash 5 times a week. Moisturiser 7 days a week. Eye cream 7 days a week

  8. MMCK
    MMCK says:

    Been watching this guy since 2020….I won't cap, I started actually following his advice last year and now I really wish I started sooner cause the results are flawless

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