Easy eyeshadow for beginners 💖eyeshadow tutorial for beginners #makeuptutorial #shorts #beginners

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  1. Dana Ellis
    Dana Ellis says:

    Don’t use concealer use a eye shadow primer that’s meant for your eyelid not concealer. Eye shadow primer won’t crease as bad.

  2. amz
    amz says:

    Thanks so much, really needed this ! I’m just learing. Stunning and awesome .. great help ! Thanks again..

  3. Christina Lamp
    Christina Lamp says:

    Can you pls let me know what the name of the first pallet you used was?? I think the second one was a Kaja stack so if you could clarify that too… That would be awesome. I too have slightly hooded eyes. Its a tough to work with hooded eyes so thank you for the tutorials I love em

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