Beginner’s Guide: Building a Skincare Routine for ALL Skin Types

Not sure where to start on your skincare journey on a budget? We’re here to break it all down! 🥰 In this video, Fel will be revisiting the basics of a skincare routine with exciting, up-to-date, and AFFORDABLE under $35 products that you may want to click “add to cart” on! See what picks Fel’s been enjoying and let us know in the comments what products you personally enjoyed! 💕

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering, Fel is not a certified dermatologist! (But wouldn’t it be great if she is? 😊)

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Must Have Cleansers
1:12 Cleanser: Saturday Skin
2:45 Cleanser: Krave Beauty
3:59 Must Have Moisturizers
4:27 Moisturizer: Klavuu
7:01 Moisturizer: Goodal
9:00 Must Have Sunscreens
9:57 Sunscreen: By Wishtrend
12:03 Sunscreen: d’Alba
13:33 Can-Haves Toner
14:17 Toner: Peach Slices
16:00 Toner: Haruharu
17:46 Can-Have Serum
18:17 Serum: Minimalist
20:16 Serum: Goodal
20:35 Outro: Lifestyle tips

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33 replies
  1. Jiraa Yu
    Jiraa Yu says:

    Cleanser – Hydrating
    Toner – Hydrating
    Oily: Toners – Salicylic
    Serums – Vitamin C/Niacynamide
    Moisturizer – thick
    Sunscreen – Physical/Mineral

  2. Aprifrit
    Aprifrit says:

    Just found out this channel! Even though I don´t live in US or Canada (can´t get my hand on certain products), I like this channel´s style and energy! I have combo skin, and obviously I have treated it bit wrong. By watching your videos I´ve learned that my skin routine products have lots of alcohol. I wonder if that is the reason why face is itchy and red.. another suspect is linalool. The culprit could be something else too. Oh well, gotta do more detective work! Greetings from Finland 🙂

  3. World in Hazel
    World in Hazel says:

    I just want to say how crazy it is that I was thinking about looking up an updated video of you both regarding skincare routines (I need to update mine ASAP), and here it is. Yay! Thank you! 🙂

    clicks play

  4. Royal Rythm
    Royal Rythm says:

    Could you review clean skin for problem skin i'm thinking on using it but i don't know if it will suit me by the way my skin type is oily and i don't have acne but i have pimples which don't go.

  5. Maggie 220
    Maggie 220 says:

    You can buy a Collagen cream if you want but according to Dermatologist, Dr Drey, the Collagen molecules are definitely too big to be Absorbed. If it’s expensive, I wouldn’t bother. It won’t make a big difference on dry skin if that’s what you’re hoping. At 59, I absolutely love the Haruharu brand & love the original toner with the Lavender oil. Peach & Lily is also a favorite of mine. I found a great serum is the Niacinamide serum by Bliss, which is also sold at Walmart. Not too expensive.

  6. sbarwen
    sbarwen says:

    If I was telling anyone to start a routine on a budget, it would be with a CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer. Sunscreen is trickier but maybe innisfree /Bondi sunscreen. For toner: peach slices, haru haru, for serums: the ordinary. And CeraVe healing ointment for night time

  7. g
    g says:

    love your videos oml, tyy so much for this video. I wish i had seen this channel when my acne started it would've helped so much. but either way love it so much😭😭

  8. Zoe Rejean Cabungcal Rana
    Zoe Rejean Cabungcal Rana says:

    really enjoyed this videoooo✨💛, sooo much information that I would definitely remind myself of every now and thennn. Feeelll, you're sooo cute and funny hehe. Love you all and thank you for your effort 💖💖

  9. Duri Mahin
    Duri Mahin says:

    I would love a video where u could tell us about useful ingredients n how to read labels n what to avoid . So we all could get products available to us and within our respective budgets 💜

  10. xxxnim
    xxxnim says:

    I subscribed to this channel since 2015 (i guess) and havent seen video from this channel for a looong time, so what happen to Mia?

  11. haeno
    haeno says:

    at least in my country, cheap skincare usually packed with fragrance that smells pungent. it just horrible. so you have to spend extra to get decent skincare. I know people have different budgets, but if you can afford a little bit more, it is worth it. but not until the price is extremely expensive. that's just madness

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