this was a very highly requested video!!! im finally sharing with you guys the entire process of my work on instagram and tiktok. thank you guys for supporting me and loving my tutorials! hope you enjoy!

other platforms:

hey! im vanessa aka cutcreaser. im 21 year old salvadorian 🇸🇻girl born, raised and based in new york! im a massive geek about things like marvel and star wars. i do makeup on myself as a form of therapy to relieve my anxiety and as a form of art to just express myself and what i have going on in my head.

EDITING: i use final cut pro x
CAMERA: Canon 77D (shoutout @jaydin_lopez)

COLOURPOP: “5cutcreaser” for $$ off
SIGMA: use “cutcreaser” for $$ off

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  1. CYN
    CYN says:

    words can’t describe just how helpful this was without you i would probably still be trying to cut a 25 minute video into 1 minutes 😂 tysm definitely liking and subbing

  2. Am Moto
    Am Moto says:

    Do you always use Final Cut Pro to edit video? Do you ever use InShot or CapCut? Do u find the quality is better with one vs the other?

  3. Yolanda Rosado
    Yolanda Rosado says:

    Hi sweetie, my first time watching your video. It has truly inspired me. Im more of a mature age but, venturing into the this techy age of mkup is nerve racking but you made it it simple… Thx for the video!

    KRISAKURA says:

    Thank you so much for this video I’m a small account creator and I’ve been following you for so long, you’re an inspiration ✨✨✨

  5. K S
    K S says:

    I have been wanting to create a makeup tik tok forever. I’m saving this bc as a non tech savvy person I think I should learn how to do it all in my phone first this although awesome and detailed is a little overwhelming! For me haha Congratulations on your success! I’m gonna go follow u on TikTok

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