xl Acrylic Application | BEGINNER friendly Nail tutorial | New nail tips restocked


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Musician: 박신욱(@nb_sinwuk)
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  1. Fairy Queen
    Fairy Queen says:

    My boyfriend kept asking me when I was going to buy more high quality crystals from you he’s really obsessed with them he said they are high class and he loves for my nails to look high class☺️

  2. Grace Perez
    Grace Perez says:

    Wow these nail's are Super Cute!!!! I Subscribed to your channel a few months ago. I have always done my own nail's, then I discovered polygel & builder gels, but a few months ago I was watching one of your tutorials and decided to buy myself an acrylic kit. And by watching your videos I am getting better & better. I bought one of the cheaper kits cause I'm on disability & can't afford the more expensive ones. But I'm saving some money cause I'm dying to order me some of your acrylic powder's & I'm pretty sure that yours are a better quality than the ones I bought, which by the way marbled something awful!!!!
    I can't wait to see more of your tutorials and especially can't wait to buy from your company!!!! I think you are Awesome, cute & funny & learning from you is very easy & fun!!! I'll be waiting for your next design's!!!!! : )

  3. Simple Pretty Nails
    Simple Pretty Nails says:

    Love this look amazing girly💕💕 I just posted my video and i put inspired by zulays nails dont forget im still learning im not as good as u my teacher learning from u so much…My chanel is simple pretty nails

  4. Cde Cde
    Cde Cde says:

    I purchased your bling gel in bottle few months ago put it in frig now it's like ruined can't use it became so thick threw it away .why did this happen 😳😩

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