Easy Wedding Hair Tutorial | 3 Bridal Hairstyles

Wedding days are stressful enough without having to additionally stress about how your hair is going to look or hold up. I want to share with you 3 easy-to-learn bridal hairstyles that will look amazing and last all day so that you can quit stressing about your wedding hair.

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Here is a written step by step process of how to create these three different bridal hairstyles.

• Tip: Leave your hair a little bit dirty. It will help your style hold a lot better.
• Use dry shampoo. Part your hair off and apply dry shampoo to your hair.
• Massage the dry shampoo into your scalp to distribute evenly.
• Put some waves into your hair to give more texture and help your hair to look thicker.
• Step by step tutorial on how Josie Curls her Hair: https://youtu.be/gSU_OxZHOnA
• Apply texture spray throughout your hair. It will help the style hold and your curls stay more defined throughout the day.
• Run your fingers through your hair to loosen your waves.
• Tease the crown of your head. It makes a huge difference in a wedding style.
• Take a small section of hair in the crown area and back comb it.
• Also tease both sides of your head by sectioning off your hair and back combing it.
• Lightly brush over it to smooth it all out and give shape.
• Use a bridal accessory or hairpin for this next step.
• Pull the right side of your hair up and leave a small amount down to cover your ear.
• Tip: Whichever side your part on, you want to pull up the side that has less hair. This will help your hair look very full.

• Pull out the hair around your face to soften the style.
• Take a small section behind your bangs, split into three and start doing a French braid.
• As soon as you get two inches above your ear, stop pulling hair into the braid and just braid the remainder all the way down. Use a bobby pin to secure.
• Repeat this braid to the other side of your hair.
• Create a bump by gathering a small amount around the crown of your head, pull tiny sections to make it look a little fuller, and secure with a hairpin.
• Continue pulling small sections to give more body to your hair
• Spray texture spray on your braids and pancake the French braids to make them look fuller. Be careful to retain the correct shape while accomplishing this.
• Do not be afraid to pull on it quite a bit. The looser your braid, the fuller and softer it will look.
• Bring your braids around to the back of your head and push the hairpin for the braid into the hairpins of your small hair bump you have already created.
• Spray with hairspray and smooth out any flyaways.
• This is a great hairstyle to wear a hair accessory with or pin your vail right into the crown.

• Gather your hair near the nape of your neck; pull small amounts to give dimension and body, and secure with an elastic band.
• On the last pull through the elastic, only pull halfway through, wrap excess hair around the bun and tuck into the band.
• Create a small hole right above the elastic and tuck your hair through it.
• It may require a bit of pushing and tucking but you can do it.
• Now that you have loosened, take a bobby pin and pin your hair so that it covers the hole that you tucked your hair into.
• Bridal accessory or bridal veil can be pinned right above the bun.
Thank you so much for watching! We hope this video was helpful to you! If you have any questions or ideas, please leave them in the comments below.

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    Me, looking up DIY hair tutorials for my at-home COVID wedding.
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