i tried laser hair removal… on my 🐱🐱🐱 pt.1 #shorts #gabbytriesthings

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  1. TRy_CroxY
    TRy_CroxY says:

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  2. Ashepooo
    Ashepooo says:

    I had to get lasers on my stitches (I got my stitches from a MOLE…that was super tiny and now my scar is super horrible and big and bumpy on my shoulder…

  3. Vincent Gaulin
    Vincent Gaulin says:

    I do wonder, if , let’s say, 1500 years in the future, archeologists, anthropologist and sociologist study the remnants of our civilization, will they find video like that interesting? After all it’s about the daily life of average people… or, will they be appalled by that sort of things…
    -Wasn’t the early 2000s the time when they should have acted about overpopulation, pollution and sustainability and the imminent collapse of their civilization?
    -Naah son, it was way better to waste ressources and energy into these. At least we know now how narcissistic, selfish and self-centred our ancestors were.

  4. Jojo Ripley
    Jojo Ripley says:

    Now and day women have no respect for them self.. talking about your self in this manner like it's Exciting a whore is also measured in the same way

  5. bleak tripod
    bleak tripod says:

    I have practically black hair and omg it hurts so much I'd say its a 10/10 pain level and I thought I had high pain tolerance. But then again my hair is thick and black so.

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