GELX nails not lasting?… FIX IT by doing this *LASTS 3+ WEEKS* (Tutorial)

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  1. ratmgr2
    ratmgr2 says:

    Thank you for all the great tips. And thank you for showing, by using your dominant hand (so many content creators always work on their non-dominant hand and it looks so easy – and makes me feel bad that I’m not as proficient).

  2. Kendrea Neufeld
    Kendrea Neufeld says:

    Your nails are so beautiful! I had a question, I was getting gel polish every 3 weeks for 4 months and felt like I wanted to let my nails "breath" naturally at my last appt.
    Thankfully I did, my strong nails that I had no issues growing are now so weak and will bend at any pressure I could cry. Is this common and just a sign that gel application is not for me?!

  3. Yvonne Burkart, PhD, DABT
    Yvonne Burkart, PhD, DABT says:

    This is the best video I’ve seen on how to prevent lifting. I also love how you emphasize being careful to avoid the skin because of allergies. It happens to lots of people. Thank you for this!!!

  4. nrogara1
    nrogara1 says:

    Your natural nails are so pretty just the way they are. Many people get extensions so that their nails will look like yours look naturally 🙂 thanks for a very clear and thorough tutorial!

  5. jova
    jova says:

    I subscribed immediately after watching this video. You were clear and so thorough. I’m learning how to do my nails with gel x and extensions and this video is by far the most helpful I’ve found on YouTube. Thank you so much for this content. 🙏🌷

  6. Nicole Fernando
    Nicole Fernando says:

    Girl, you're a life saver. This is the best video I found on youtube on how to apply nail extensions! I want to take care of my natural nails and cuticles, and you show exactly how to take care of them. On top of that, you have your natural nails to prove that it works! Thank you so much for this video 🥰❤

  7. Lynniique
    Lynniique says:

    your tiktok is the reason why i got my own nail kit. i tried to do it last night and it was a disaster 😂 this video helps sooooo much. i know next time i’ll feel much more confident. thank you so much! ❤

  8. don't bother me
    don't bother me says:

    sorry but why do you need the flash cure lamp if you have the bigger uv lamp? i was just wondering. is it to reduce the amount you put your hand under the bigger lamp?

  9. Leslie Karren
    Leslie Karren says:

    Thank you for showing you can use press on's without having to cut your natural nails. My problem is, my nails have ridges and are twisting, curling and bending. B

  10. Hailey V
    Hailey V says:

    I have a question. When I do it, everything look ok for until I cut the length shorter a bit. Then the entire a tip lifting, but the gel glue still ok.

  11. Curta Laura
    Curta Laura says:

    You know, you are one of the few people who be like, 'this is how slow it is'. I started to do my own nails, and even after about 5 months of doing it, it still takes me about 3 hrs from start to finish. But on IG and Youtube, everyone seems to do it so fast, like everything takes 1 hr. I also have one question, and I hope you can help me: my free edge goes a bit downward. If I want a good fit at the cuticle, there will be space between the tip and my nail tip. Should I cut my nails short? They are a bit longer than your nails in this video.

  12. petitebego
    petitebego says:

    Can you please explain how is it possible that we do not need base when painting the "false" nails? Permanent colors always require a base, didn't they?

  13. Donna Bella
    Donna Bella says:

    I am so excited 😂 to redo my DIY nails. This was the MOST informative, detailed and simplistic tutorial which I will keep watching because she is taking her time to lead you to success. 🎉 thanks for your care.

  14. Sierra Juliann
    Sierra Juliann says:

    This was the most detailed and quick gel x video I’ve ever seen! I’ve watched over 50 videos and still learned new tips from this. Top tier 💕

  15. Billing Dept
    Billing Dept says:

    Having a hard time! When applying the gel to your natural nail, does the gel have to be completely cured? No matter how long I cure the gel stays tacky. Not sure if this is the reason why mine don’t stay on for long.

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