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So I’m going to show you now, how to use hot rollers. There are a hundred different ways that you can use hot rollers, today I’m just going to show you a very modern practical way to use it. I will say, this last season on the red carpet everything that we saw almost, was hot roller based. So just depending on how you lay out the hot rollers can give you either a vintage look, a really modern, big, sexy look, or a beachy wave, which is what we’re going to do today, we’re going to be a little bit more beachy.

I think this is very practical. One think to keep in mind about hot rollers is, it is still applying heat to the hair, but the level of heat is much lower than a curling iron, and you will get a more sustained curl. So if you have kind of, finer, more limper hair, or super, super straight hair that doesn’t hold curl, a hot roller will put a curl in almost anybody’s hair. It’s also really great for a textured hair, it can really smooth and define that curl, and it should last you all day. It’s also very movable, so if you touch your hair a lot, or if you’re using the hot rollers as a base to do something else, like an up-do or something, it can take a lot of brushing and moving around.

So what we’re going to do is, I’ve already prepped our model’s hair, using a light hold hair spray and a setting lotion. You do want to give the hair a little bit of texture if it’s super super fine. The hot rollers I’m using today come in two sizes, I like this, this is just a Conair brand, because its really compact and small, super easy to travel with. It’s actually smaller than my blow dryer, if you needed to bring a blow dryer or something. I’m going to use both the small and the large ones, so I can get a more natural appearance. These normally will come with big clip on the top and I’ll say, sometimes I like the clips that come with them, sometimes I don’t. So today, I’m actually going to use a hair pin to hold them into place. And a hair pin is just like a bobby pin only its open.

As demonstrated by our model. So, what I’m going to do first is I’m just going to grab one and I’m going to work on this kind of, top section of the hair. I’m going to take a section and brush it through with my hands, and then I’m going to actually apply the hot rollers today, more like you would a curl with a curling iron. So, I’m going to start kind of the top of the hot roller, and I’m gonna wrap the hair down. You’ll also notice, that I’m starting a couple of inches off of the scalp. Traditionally we see hot rollers going all the way at the root and creating a lot of lift, but what you’ll notice with hot rollers is you do get a great lift at the root but really its all about the body that’s kind of in the middle and the end of the curl, so I’m going to utilize that in a better way.

So, because I’ve wrapped it from the top of the hair to the tip, the tip is right here, and I’m going to do one last turn into the head to hold that into place. And I’m going to use a couple of hair pins, and I just place them in the side, I’m kind of criss-crossing them here so that they’ll stay. And like, the curl will dangle a little bit, and that’s fine. And I’ll just move on to my next section. And you see how I’ve left the bottom of the hair out.

Okay, so I’ve just finished up, doing the whole top section. Remember I’m rolling them away from the face, so on this side I’m rolling them this way, and on this side, again, away from her face. I’ll just spin her around so you can get a look. So you can see that curlers kind of dangle in place, and look quite odd, but that’s fine. Nobody is seeing you right now except for you. So now, I’m just going to start at the bottom and do these ones. Now, I’m going to try to maintain a lot of her length, so I’m going to go down really low to start these, but you’re still going to do that same thing. You’re still going to wrap it, so you can see there’s a big space between this one, and this one, none of the root is done. The root will be a little flatter which is perfect. And I’m just going to continue on and do the whole underside, just like this.

Okay, so its been about 20 minutes, we’re back. As you can see things have kinda gotten a little bit disheveled, and that’s perfectly okay, we’re going for a beach look here so perfection is not what we’re going for. I’m going to start at the very bottom and I’m going to just start removing my hair pins, and I’m just going to carefully remove our curls, and you can see that they’ve taken on a softer curl pattern than you would necessarily think of when you think of hot rollers.

I love using hot rollers at home because their pretty easy to put in there


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