Hey everyone!
In this video, I’m doing brown abstract polygel nails
This is a great beginner friendly nail design + I show you how to draw french tips!
This nail tutorial is for beginners or anyone who enjoys nail content!

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  1. Kaela Horne
    Kaela Horne says:

    hey there!! in addition to getting a THIN nail brush, make sure its a LONG bristled brush too, gives you more control and smoother lines for swirls and frenchies.

  2. Kirstine Botello
    Kirstine Botello says:

    Your nail skills & art designs are amazing!! Suggestion for nail art, always put on base coat before gel polish, it helps keep the lines steady to avoid errors while drawing!! Keep up the beautiful work, xo

  3. Kalisha J
    Kalisha J says:

    Glad you're back, you're always missed. I want to thank you for continuing to do polygel nails because a couple of channels I watch have switched from full-time polygel to acrylic which is fine but I don't wear acrylic nails and it's not the same experience so I appreciate your channel a lot. Loved this set.

  4. 漹喇 Q
    漹喇 Q says:

    Can you do jedi polish or Jedi jelly? It so trending in my home town then at night it glow it for like good luck or money attract

  5. worldof _ni
    worldof _ni says:

    love watching you!! and were both pisces!! im new to polygel and have a hard time with a good application mines start looking like duck nails lol any tips?

  6. Mason Odom
    Mason Odom says:

    I completely understand taking a break from making, editing and uploading content, its so much to do and people really dont realize it. You inspired me to try doing my own nails with poly gel and Ive been doing them myself for almost 5 months now. But I say all that to say, I have recorded and uploaded every set Ive done to TikTok. Thats at max, a 3 min video, and that takes so much effort if you want to edit it, caption it, use the right hashtags, make sure youre listing everything correctly, tagging the right brands if you do that, its a super involved process. It can be so much fun and so draining at the same time. But Ive been into nails forever and wearing them for about 2 years consistently and I live for a long nail. I dont go shorter than a 2xl but I typically wear a 3xl not cut down at all, so I live for your long nails and the long nail videos. Also Judy have to say I absolutely love love love the creepy Reddit story video, they are my favorite! Please do more!!!! 弘奎 Youre amazing, keep just casually destroying the game! 踢滕弘奎

  7. Christine Mendoza
    Christine Mendoza says:

    Girl when I say your so amazing to watch damn girly just jaw dropping I'm loving the abstract designs!! I love how you steady explain everything and keep your little fun attitude you and your sisters remind me of me and mine…手手手毋 I just can't get enough!!

  8. ManeIngredientizme
    ManeIngredientizme says:

    Yaaaay Vic is back. I so missed you and sister spice. You did say we could request videos so one that Ive been wanting to see for the longest and from older comments a few others have to is the white and silver/holographic looking nail that were from an old set on sister spice at the beginning of your video from 4 months ago the video was titled orange Halloween poly gel nails. How to poly gel fill,creepy Reddit stories. They were the nails that you were getting rid of for the new set. Glad your back

  9. Kimboz Fantazy
    Kimboz Fantazy says:

    Maybe like a in depth application for poly gel video? Or tips for people barely getting into poly gel. I currently only use dual forms cause I dont know what Im doing 7:28

  10. Olivia M
    Olivia M says:

    Wow! You really went off on this nail design. I absolutely love this!! And I think the thinner polygel application looks best. This is your best polygel application yet! Get it girl!

  11. Pamela Major
    Pamela Major says:

    Don't like the brown polish, but I love the design. I'd do this with black polish and chrome powder on top. I think that would look awesome!

  12. Lia
    Lia says:

    welcome back! I have a couple of nail art tips that help me!

    loading up your brush with product (like making sure each bristle has polish on it) helps you get cleaner, smoother lines

    if you're going to cure between layers, make sure it's a full 30-60 seconds, depending on your lamp, so it doesn't bubble up and it's fully cured. there's nothing worse than spending forever on a nail design just for it to peel up

    this isn't a tip, but the makartt nail are liner set is rlly nice!

  13. Schaila Hill
    Schaila Hill says:

    I agree start spring nails soon, especially if you're gonna do birthday nails, eat. Let's prevent burn out bc Gworl I love watching your videos. anyways have a good day

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