Acrylic Nails Tutorial | Spring Design

Spring nail design 🌸 Nail tutorial for beginners.
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35 replies
  1. Kitty Speakman
    Kitty Speakman says:

    I watch all ur videos and I love how you tell what you are doing. I love e that. I am a beginner so I love how you explain what you are doing next that helps me a lot. So thank you so much

  2. Genie Ray
    Genie Ray says:

    Beautiful nails as always my dear!! I have finally graduated school, passed my tests and am now a licensed nail tech!! It has taken so long but was well worth the wait!💖💖

  3. Ena
    Ena says:

    I m a new learner actually a struggler….here in India these products are not available or if they are…they are too much costly….i want to know how long it take acrylics to be dry completely…..mine remains spongy/ rubbery till eternity

  4. Robin Rosier
    Robin Rosier says:

    Potato sacks? 😂😂😂 I love it! But no Jammy, if you don't like it that's all that matters since they're on your hands lol but I think it looked beautiful and not like potato sacks 😂😂😂that was funny lol

  5. Ida Ramirez
    Ida Ramirez says:

    Love them!!! Oh I love me some butterflies as well!! I'm ready for all of them designs coming up😃 And no it did not look like a sack of potatoes 🤣🤣 it looked good, but I get it when it doesn't come out how you envisioned it lol.

  6. Petra Adewole
    Petra Adewole says:

    Congrats to a winner yeahh!!

    You know what Jammy I really do love about you mainly how you taking your time and interacting with all of us reading every single comments as one of the beauty also comment about that and it’s totally true not many YouTube channels in fact nobody do.
    Anyways back to the nails I love teal colour but would wear it maybe as an ombre not as a full colour that is just me I am glad I never gave up on my nails please do sometimes sculpting with the forms that is the only thing I still struggle 🙏 please.
    Thank you for always being here Jammy❤

  7. JO
    JO says:

    Omg im obsessed! What is the name of the cuticle bit you used to perfect your acrylic around your cuticle? It looks flawless!

  8. Shan_ Lee
    Shan_ Lee says:

    Honestly what side of about this channel you take the time out to say hi , to everybody another Channel we don't get that from other YouTubers this so amazing thank you somuch❤ lovely set beautiful colors

  9. Katheryn Varner
    Katheryn Varner says:

    Pretty colors looks like it’s pretty fast setting stuff? Hey Jam been a min since I’ve said howdy to ya, hope you and your family are doing well! ❤

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