Pink Valentine’s Day Nails | Gel X Nails for beginners | Gel X Nail Tutorial

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🔗 Links to products used in this video 🔗

Cuticle nippers

BTArtbox xl square full cover nails


Not polish triple x bond primer (discount code: Andrea10)

Not Polish Press it gel it’s currently sold out but I also recommend the beetles nail glue gel

UV/LED Gooseneck lamp

Nail drill

Pana 5-in-1 drill bit (fine grit)

100 grit nail file

Makartt prep in 1 (base coat)

VENALISA gel polish – nude pink

Memeda gel polish – nude 3

Nail Reserve LA – bliss pink

Makartt white gel polish

Liner brush / dotting tool

Nailz by dev 9mm liner brush💖-9-mm-liner

Beetles builder gel

Pink rhinestones

Makartt rhinestone glue

Glitter (mother of pearl)

Beetles top coat

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44 replies
  1. rita
    rita says:

    hiii!! can u do a more in depth encapsulation tutorial video? no need to be super long, just going over it step by step 🥺 i see everyone doing the upside down method, but i think i'd prefer this one

  2. Madi
    Madi says:

    (Somewhat for my own personal understanding and maybe someone else’s… this is how I made sense of this when I was in cosmology ) possible that everyone else here just gets it 😅

    a quick analogy for the nail bed and nail extension prep.. it’s like slip and score in pottery. When connecting two pieces of clay.. you typically wanna create ridges on both pieces where they will connect and then you add “slip” which is pretty much the nail glue or w.e you choose to use .

  3. megan s
    megan s says:

    so happy i found your page, i’ve been struggling with gel x because mine are always so flimsy and i always wondered what to use to make the tips more durable

  4. Brownskin B
    Brownskin B says:

    I’ve never seen full cover nails, is that the nails they’re using to get that shape? They beautiful what do you call this shape?

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