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25 replies
  1. Denise Ingram
    Denise Ingram says:

    I noticed that you do not use a clip to secure the nail, to make sure it stays on. I suppose you do not have to have the clips. Thank you for sharing your tutorial. I have purchased a kit from Amazon and am anxious to get started. I will definitely be visiting your tutorials. Be blessed and thanks again.

  2. Qtepiee88
    Qtepiee88 says:

    Did you pre-cut your forms into a short square shape to save time? So you always know how to shape them each time?

    And also, did you apply any primer or anything to help the poly gel stick longer? Did you dehydrate your nail bed at all?

    Just asking because Stuff pops off of my nails so easily!

  3. Lydia L
    Lydia L says:

    Hello I'm new here..I'm so happy to find someone that does short elegant nails on tutorials.Q: Do you if the full cover nails your using are wide bed nails? I have so much trouble in finding wide bed full covered nails.Thank you

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