Pixie Hair Tutorials ~ 5 NEW Styling Ideas + Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase!

Getting creative with 5 STYLING IDEAS for your Pixie!😍

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💅💄What I’m Wearing:
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Eyes: Natasha Denona “My Dream” Palette
Lips: Styles 1 & 2 ~ Charlotte Tilbury “Iconic Nude” Lip Cheat + MAC “Creme D’Nude” Lipstick + Bobbi Brown “Bare Sparkle” Lip Gloss
Styles 3 & 4 ~ Revlon ColorStay Longwear “Chocolate” Lip Liner + MAC “O” & “Gel” Lipsticks
Style 5 ~ Lawless Forget the Lip Filler Gloss “Pixie”

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49 replies
  1. S P
    S P says:

    Your videos are so informative. Thank you for showing the back of the styles, too.

    Do you have a video of how your stylist achieved the color? It's very pretty.

  2. Janice Gray
    Janice Gray says:

    I’ve been debating about getting my haircut into a pixie again. Haven’t had it for a few years but after watching this video definitely get it done. Thank you.

  3. Nell Osmar
    Nell Osmar says:

    I am freaking in love with your hair!!! I’ve always worn a pixie, grew it out during the pandemic and fell in love with the volume of my hair. I’m 62, and feeling frumpy now and ready to go back to pixie but my hair has lots of curls waves and volume. Probably wouldn’t do what your hair does but, wow such amazing cute hair you have ❤

  4. Sharron Wolfe
    Sharron Wolfe says:

    Very helpful! I may need to watch this every time I do my hair! Ha! But it’s no joke! Trying to do it left handed because my right arm won’t raise above my waist in it’s own is challenging, but I won’t give up! Enjoy Dry Wax is a big help — so is the Freeze IT hair spray! My hair cut is only a week old and we went a little too short in top, but my hair grows fast. Still wish I had your stylist! She’s a winner! ❤️🙏🏻

  5. Stellandamo
    Stellandamo says:

    i havent seen my natural hair colour in 30years. ive just cut out almost all bleach,my salt n pepper looks similar to your hair. you have done an amazing job with your videos,thanks for sharing🧓

  6. Lynne Butterworth
    Lynne Butterworth says:

    @Sharalees Box of chocolates I've been watching your videos for a few months now, I think you have fabulous hair love seeing you change out the styling, I've loved the idea of a pixie cut on my self, but feel my face is a little too rounded, to be so short, you have the perfect shape for that cut, thank you for sharing all your ideas too 😘

  7. Patricia Jeronimo
    Patricia Jeronimo says:

    Loooooved the ideas!! I've a pixie too, a bit bigger than yours, but definitely want to be shorter like yours!! Do you have thick hair? Just wondering if that length would works for me as I've thick hair 🤔

  8. Carla Hoag Haugh
    Carla Hoag Haugh says:

    Favorite was #3 (the one after headband). I’ve worn my hair short for 95% of the past 46 years, recently back to a pixie. Would love an undercut like yours, but 🐓!!! Also would like a high contrast highlight but I have so much grey going on on the top half of my head I’m afraid it will be incredibly high maintenance to get/keep the dark in there. I don’t know. 😂 Wish I had your thick hair though, major hair envy over here!

  9. Christine Aubuchon
    Christine Aubuchon says:

    Hello. The last style is My favorite. I have short hair and I have a lot of positive comment about My hair style but sometimes I miss My long hair. Listening to your video helped me to love My hair. Thank you so much

  10. Sandy Koenig
    Sandy Koenig says:

    I like the headband look you did. (question– how do you keep the hairspray from falling on your blouse? I have had some silky blouses ruined because hair spray got on them, now I drape a towel over me) # 3 great look. Not only do I like #4 a lot, I love your ear rings. Great job Sharalee. #5 I like it. I think my favorite is 4

  11. Jeannette aka Jnett
    Jeannette aka Jnett says:

    Cute styles. I think the headband to the side looks better than in the middle I'm loving this cut and the color. I wish I could handle my bangs that long, but you certainly pull it off with ease. The full forward is cute and a nice change I'm sure. I like it to the opposite side as well especially with the back movement to the side. Don't know that I could pick just one.

  12. Brittany Connell
    Brittany Connell says:

    I absolutely adore every single one on you! You are my inspiration, I am going to show my stylist these videos. I’ve had a pixie before and I think I’m gonna go back to a pixie now!

  13. Pat G.
    Pat G. says:

    Hey Sharalee! All of the styles looked great but I liked the last one best. Because it looks like YOU and you are beautiful!! 🤗

  14. F. M.
    F. M. says:

    I love all five of the hair styles I really liked the one with the headband just something different and looked adorable on you. I also loved the green silk shirt very pretty am considering ordering one and the the two headbands and yes the pillow cases I do have a few of those . You always take the time and put a lot of effort in your videos. Thank you . 😊👍

  15. Diane YOUNG
    Diane YOUNG says:

    I don’t there is a style that you would not look great in!!! I love short spiky hair, but feels like it draws too much attention to my not so pretty face. I loved them all fav is # 4 and 5. Thanks for the videos and the info you put out there. ❤

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