Acrylic Nail Tutorial 💅 How to do Acrylic Nails for Beginners 🤯 (2/3)


Learn everything you need to know about acrylic nails in our Acrylic Bootcamp! You will learn how to apply acrylic nails for beginners, how to prep acrylic nails, how to stop and prevent nails breaking and lifting, and how to make your acrylic nails last 4+ weeks!

There is a lot to cover so I’ve broken it down for you into 3 classes!

Day 1 class is Nail Prep 101: How to make your acrylic nails last 4+ weeks and stop all signs of lifting!

Day 2 class is all about Application + Sculpting: How to apply acrylic nails for beginners!

– In this class we will be talking about the perfect liquid-to-powder ratio, the apex, and everything you need for perfectly proportioned nails that don’t break. I’m also going to show you a few beginner techniques you can use to easily create ombre and french designs even with very little acrylic experience!

Day 3 class is all about Shaping, Surface work, sealing the Cuticle, and more!
– We’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about sealing the cuticle, surface work, and the finishing touches on your acrylic set!




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47 replies
  1. Makayla James
    Makayla James says:

    Yall start off cheap and work up. Get a cheap acrylic kit from Amazon or Walmart and get used to the technique and make sure you like doing your nails before buying anything expensive. Even if it's not great quality go cheap to start

  2. Naomi Willys
    Naomi Willys says:

    I can honestly say that your tutorials are without a doubt the best I’ve seen including the very expensive course I took to be a nail tech. The attention to detail is incredible thank you for sharing your immense knowledge with the world. ❤❤

  3. Soraya Khelil
    Soraya Khelil says:

    Hi , I hope you can help me? I wanna order the acryl start kit all in one. But I can’t. maybe because sold out?? I don’t know. But I hope you can help me 😊

  4. Jennifer Fuller
    Jennifer Fuller says:

    This video made me itchy. I don't think monomer is supposed to be spread and flooded like it is on here. I did that once and never made that mistake again. I also thought I saw some bumps on one of the fingers, in the photo where she shows which looks will be attempted, in the video. Those bumps are not a good sign. That is dermatitis or an allergic reaction. I am not a professional here, not even close, but I am confused as to why so much monomer is on the nails and why she brushed it on the cuticles, because I thought you don't want to touch skin with it? Like I said, I made this mistake before, and boy did I suffer for it! My finger tips and skin around my nails and cuticles, never fully recovered. I break out all the time now, and it is not fun. Just wanted to throw that out there, in case people follow this tutorial and do exactly what she does. It is actually pretty painful and annoying. It itches so badly, it spreads down the fingers, it blisters and it burns. Trust me, your fingers will not be happy.

  5. Julia brandon
    Julia brandon says:

    Lovely technique, but gave me anxiety just watching the amount of monomer you got on the cuticle around the finger, I’d break out in contact dermatitis 🥴

  6. Anne Johnson
    Anne Johnson says:

    Why dip into the monomer again after placing the bead? I thought once the bead is down the brush needs to be dried a little on a paper towel before sculpting? All other YT nail techs don't go back into the monomer until they are picking up their next bead or cleaning their brush a bit and then drying their brush before continuing.
    The logic I thought was a) contact allergies due to monomer contact with the skin. b) it affects the consistency if the bead is still polymerizing, c) if the bead is the correct consistency and acrylic is good quality it shouldn't stick to the brush (if that's why she did it) d) once it starts to cure having more monomer on the brush is pointless.
    Am I mistaken?

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