Easiest & Detailed Temporary Dreadlocks Extension Tutorial / Installation on Short Hair.

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How to unfix. https://youtu.be/cX8zmzI_Uu4

Here you will quickly learn an easy way to install temporary dreads on short hair. Techniques on attaching the extensions are well elaborated as well as maintenance tips.

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  1. SIM Pro Rookie
    SIM Pro Rookie says:

    Is this done with real hair? Not synthetic. Cause if you're using real hair it's not temporary. It's real hair. That will last a very long time. Within 5 year she will have her own grown dreads. If the real hair extensions don't last longer than 5 years she'll have her own dreads. It will only be a bit shorter. But hair grows a lot in 5 years. Sorry about my english. I'm dutch 😉.

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