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💘used In this video💘

*Prep+ application*

Surgical bibs –
Sanding band –
Nail brush –
Clear acrylic –
Acrylic –
Monomer –
Nail tips –


Drill bit –
Gel lamp –
Top coat –
Buffer –
Zulay bling glue –
Crystals (code Tah5) –
Flowers –
More flowers –
Charm –

Thank you so much for watching. Please, enjoy more videos down below 💘

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3d flowers ❤️


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  1. LiveLifeLearn
    LiveLifeLearn says:

    Hi, I love your videos! How do I prevent my bling from getting cloudy after using bling adhesive? I did set of Nailzz and after applying the adhesive Some bling turned cloudy! I had to go in with gel topcoat to restore the shine!!Any advise?

  2. Ashlynn Riebe
    Ashlynn Riebe says:

    I LOOOOVE these!! I have a question, every time I get my nails done it always leaves a dent in my natural nail. Is that normal when getting them done? I wanna learn how to do my own and your videos are awesome! 💖✨️

  3. getnails_byjen
    getnails_byjen says:

    Tah! Beautiful AS USUAL. I love watching you work. You smash it every time. BUT! Each time I go to the Amazon link for this Pana bit it has a tapered tip and yours doesn’t. Can you check the link or show this bit clearer? ❤

  4. Vee
    Vee says:

    Love this set per usual! I loved the lil bit you gave us about your client. The relationship between a nail tech and their clients is so amazing, that is how I met my bestie 7 years ago ❤ Not polish is definitely one of my faves for everything lol. I’m also a fan of Valentino’s cover nudes and blossom. Please do an updated video!

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