Step by Step Acrylic Nails Tutorial

Step by step nail tutorial. This is a beginner friendly encapsulated glitter design inspired by prom and dance season; matching her nails to her shoes and dress. I hope you like this video, if you do, subscribe and hit the like button for more videos like these. Thank you for watching ❤️

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  1. Laura Fischer
    Laura Fischer says:

    Hello I love getting my manicures and French tips or a full set on special occasions. I usually get them done professionally , I also have my own set of tips and I use to do them every 3 or 4 months or whenever I am in them mood.

  2. cute_slimehead
    cute_slimehead says:

    I also started to do nails last year even went to nail school but i still kinda suck adding the acrylic like for me i get nervous soo easy😅😅 and i do it with all my time

  3. Lilly Slack
    Lilly Slack says:

    I do my own hair & wigs braids everything so I tried to do acrylics & the 1st it was decent then the 2nd time I tried on someone else & they thought I was a pro 😂 I was scared I was gonna mess her up bad

  4. LadyMua
    LadyMua says:

    I noticed you said you were a cosmetologist and you went back to nail school. Did you have to go the entire program. I learned nails in cosmo school I really wanted to do that but never pursued it. But I would like to now but afraid of the process bring a long one. I am currently licensed as cosmo. Any info appreciated Thanks❤

  5. Amber t
    Amber t says:

    What are the scissors you're using called and I work in nursing however I also do makeup and and learned to do nails about a Year ago I've been doing them off and on and really want to get better at designs and nail art in general and Keeping my shape when applying products

  6. Kaylyne Baty
    Kaylyne Baty says:

    I'm a mom and dropped out of high school. I went back after my oldest was born with no reason for after I got my diploma but for my kids. Everyone asked what I wanted to do when I was done. I found love in nails. Growing up before I had kids, I wanted to be a cosmetologist. But having kids made that harder than I wanted. I have been doing nails (on a fake hand) for about a month and a half I was looking for a video I could watch over and over again to learn a better application process and the way to do it and found your video. I have watched a few times now very helpful thank you ❤

  7. Fox Hltn
    Fox Hltn says:

    I started right when I found out I was pregnant! 😮 I would like to go to school but I’m a full time working mom now so I can’t. It’s hard to even practice cause my baby is so busy! But I would love to further my talent! I’m glad I found your page! Loving it already!!

  8. Patricia Stover
    Patricia Stover says:

    I am a retired RN and I have been doing my own nails since high school but acrilic nails have never been easy for me so I have been watching your videos to help

  9. Monica Lintz
    Monica Lintz says:

    I am getting into learning how to do nails.. I have so many beginner nail tutorials that I watch on a daily. I love everything about a nails from all the different acrylic to the nail designs. I always had a passion to do nails so now I’m starting that passion

  10. Anita Martinez
    Anita Martinez says:

    😅 well hello! First off nice to meet you! I love your personality!🥰😁. My name is anette but I like to go by Anita . About 2 months ago I dropped out of college to start doing nails. I’ve done nails in the past but I pushed the thought out of my mind of making it a career because I thought becoming a surgeon was the dream I wanted. My dad knew from the jump that I would be majoring in cosmetology and even told me that he would pay for my schooling to go to cosmo school. I told him “no” because I thought I could finish a career as a surgeon 🥲. I feel like the hardest part for me right now is building my clientele since I’m just beginning. I am currently working on my YouTube channel as well. My channel is based of makeup only but I may include nails here and there. I never realized the passion I had with the beauty world. If I’m being honest I’m so happy I dropped out of college because at the end I know i will be a good nail tech🥰.

  11. taestytoez
    taestytoez says:

    I’m confused, do you have to start with a clear acrylic first, then go in with a color acrylic? Or if you have a colored core powder, can you just use that without clear acrylic underneath?

  12. Danielle Davis
    Danielle Davis says:

    I started learning to do nails in 2011 when I got married and moved from Florida to wyoming where there was nowhere to get my nails done for a reasonable price. I started off with gel polish now I’m moving slowly into acrylics

  13. Peggy Penwell
    Peggy Penwell says:

    Ok I'm 45 just learned that I like doing nails and nail art so I have self thought myself …how to do acrylics and poly gel….yes my daughter and her friends def love me now lol 😂…anyways my biggest thing is I've read a lot on acrylic brushes but prolly more confused now then was be4 so many diff opinions….could you pls recommend a good brush/brushes?….I love watching your videos

  14. Hailey santos
    Hailey santos says:

    Me gustó mucho tu trabajo y la manera en que explicas, eres una de las pocas personas que comparten su conocimiento y su experiencia a otras personas cómo yo que no sabemos o sabemos muy poco sobre la aplicación de uñas. Muchas gracias y espero poder aprender con tus videos! Saludos desde México 🇲🇽

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