The Perfect Slicked Back Hairstyle Tutorial | Men’s Hair 2021

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Topic of discussion: What did you guys think about this slicked back hairstyle?

How to Get THE PERFECT Slicked Back Hairstyle 2021
I always encourage everyone watching to try and experiment with different hairstyles. Every time I change up my hair, I always get the people who love the new change, but we also always get those who hated it. Today it’s your job to tell me what YOU think about this slicked back hairstyle. Watch the video and let me know if this hairstyle is for you!

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30 replies
  1. Gains
    Gains says:

    1. Blow dry with brush towards back while brushing with brush
    2. A finger of Pomade then rub in hands before putting in hair getting any part of hair that is visible
    3. Brush with comb to even out pomade
    4. 3 sprits of spray

  2. Jannatul Isfaq
    Jannatul Isfaq says:

    My hair is so weavy.
    I wear ban to straight my front hair. And it worked. But on the back and side hair is so weavy. How can i straight my side and back hair?

  3. The Rocker
    The Rocker says:

    Black leather jacket + white T-shirt is the best combination to wear, even better if you have a slicked back hairsyle. I also have this combination.

  4. Justin Jablonski
    Justin Jablonski says:

    Awesome video! I've been following this process for the slicked back look and really enjoying it so far! Are there any steps in this process that are NOT good to do every day? Just concerned about damaging my hair if I do this every day…

  5. MangozXD
    MangozXD says:

    This video makes me feel like a man, because I’m achieving this hair look and I feel amazing after every slick back. I feel like a boss, a gentleman , a man!😎

  6. Mxl
    Mxl says:

    Nice. Now if only my hairline didn't recede 😭🤣 I used to slick my hair like this and really enjoyed the process when I did, but now I just rock a buzzedcut with a good beard..

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