Another cutting tutorial today! Today I’m going over how I achieve shorter layers on my clients in salon! Hope this video helps!

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0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Setioning
1:52 – Cutting back perimeter
4:09 – Cutting back layers
11:22 – Cross Checking Back Layers
7:36 – Back Cross Checking
13:00 – Side Perimeter
13:43 – Side Layers
16:17 – Side Cross Checking
16:52 – Face Framing
21:32 – Cross Checking Face Frame
23:38 – Blending Back Section Into Face Framing
25:00 – Dry Cutting/Blending
25:50 – Dry Cutting Back Section
28:12 – Importance of Dry Cutting
29:05 – Final Cross Checking
29:28 – Finished Look
30:10 – Outro


39 replies
  1. Sharon Teixeira
    Sharon Teixeira says:

    I am looking for a medium cut name. Something I can tell my stylist. I would like longer in the front and shorter in the back (not stacked). When my hair grows of it just gets so heavy in the back and hard to style. Thank you

  2. Rykliukas
    Rykliukas says:

    Oh my God, it took you so long and the model's hair still is uneven on both sides. And this is model, with perfect head and hair. So what it will look like on a human, which has jaw problems, neck problems? I can do similar hair cut and style all by myself for me at home and it will take me 10 minutes! And I am not a barber!

  3. Kelly Sherrick
    Kelly Sherrick says:

    I love the cut. But what should I do with my thin natural curly hair. I have always told anyone who cuts my hair. Please don't cut after a wash and keep spraying with water after the the first cut. I have had s😢ome serious regrets in a hair cuts and when my hair dries later and the shrinkage of natural curly hair 😢

  4. Rhonda Boyle
    Rhonda Boyle says:

    Can you do this on a person that has fine, thinner hair that is past the shoulders, maybe to the middle of the back? Will this cause this to look even thinner?

  5. HBC CAZ
    HBC CAZ says:

    Wish these "Youtubers" would lose the "IF THAT MAKES SENSE" Dumb statement… sounds so stupid…..can't everyone just be themselves instead of always having to copy and sound like eveyone else!?!?!

  6. Samantha Maharajh
    Samantha Maharajh says:

    Exactly how I cut my daughter's hair. Sending her this vid so she can do same for me as hairdressers get the blending wrong and I'm fussy with my fone textured hair.

  7. Emily
    Emily says:

    This is what I want. When I ask for it, I get a look that suggests I’ve asked my hairdresser to “cut my hair long”

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