b.tan I Want The Darkest Tan Possible Self Tan Mousse Review + Demo | Self Tanner Reviews

b.tan I Want The Darkest Tan Possible Self Tan Mousse Review + Demo | Self Tanner Reviews

Hey loves! Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I am doing a review and demo of the b.tan I Want The Darkest Tan Possible Self Tan Mousse! I know this one has been around, and I’ve been dying to try it, so I wanted to give you all my honest review and demo it! Will this be my new lazy girl last minute self tanner? We shall see! Stay tuned for the whole video to hear what I think about this self tanner! I’m still on the hunt for a new go-to self tanner so please let me know if there’s one you’d like me to try/review!

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  1. Tristate barman
    Tristate barman says:

    Not sure what she’s talking about but I shook the bottle well pre use and since my Matt glove applicator didn’t arrive in time, using rubber gloves instead, I could tell this stuff works very well. It’s Cheap on Amazon and if you read what the bottle says, after an hour if your results aren’t dark enough, just do over again! I came out dark enough the first go and my skin is fairly pale. Would def recommend this product.

  2. Mariah Robinson
    Mariah Robinson says:

    I just used this tan and i love it!! I tested it by only applying it to one leg and saw a hugeee difference! I’m get pretty pale in the winter and this tan gave me the perfect tan color! I only used one coat so I’m interested to see how dark it will look if I use another, i definitely don’t need another layer though!

  3. dieguitoquimera
    dieguitoquimera says:

    From your experience, which product/brand gave you the darkest color you ever tried?

    Edit: I tried the St. Moriz Color Correcting Ultra Dark (the one you reviewed last week or so) and I'm very happy with the result. It's coconut scented (I know some people hate that, I actually love it), no sunless tan smell after you wash the guide color off, fades beautifully and gives a deep brown olive based tan.

  4. Cheyenne Combs
    Cheyenne Combs says:

    They have a darker one that says it’s insanely dark and has all 5 of the level boxes shaded in. It’s got red lettering and it’s called “Too tan to give a damn”

  5. Julie Lyons
    Julie Lyons says:

    I really think this self tanner is very worth the money. I paid $9.99 on Amazon and it worked amazing. I also tried the medium one and it was great! For the money you can’t go wrong. It also didn’t have any fake tan smell on me that is another huge plus.

  6. RKG123
    RKG123 says:

    Thank u for this review! 💓 Did you apply to your face? I really need one for my face, what would you recommend for that (a nice even tone, natural look but I do like semi dark to medium) thanks.

  7. Ela
    Ela says:

    Can you compare them against the other b.tans you’ve reviewed when you do these videos? which one would you say is the darkest? I’m trying to decide which one to try

  8. Michelle Victor
    Michelle Victor says:

    I got this one from Btan but the color I got from it was a gray-green. I guess an ash based. I did not like it at all; even after I washed off the color guide. I think I just need a warmer tone. It looked fantastic on you though.

  9. Fiona Darragh
    Fiona Darragh says:

    Hi Milana ❤, I actually like the colour that turned out on you 😄, I know you were expecting to be darker. But I think for the winter months and for over Christmas and New Year this is a good colour. I think what would put me off buying this is because of the application that you said it was hard to blend in. I'd like self tanners that are so easy to apply. Great review 💕!

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