Zendaya’s Wavy Curly Hair Tutorial

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29 replies
  1. dakota🫡
    dakota🫡 says:

    I love this video so much.. when I was little I never like my curls. I'd always get my mum to straighten my hair. But that led to my hair being heat damaged, so I buzzed my hair off 3-4 years later im rocking my curls and now I know how to take care of them. Thank you so much.

  2. Eggs bacon grits SAUSAGE!!!!!!!!
    Eggs bacon grits SAUSAGE!!!!!!!! says:

    This was the door that opened me up to the curly hair community, making me realize that you can rock your natural hair, and although this routine didn’t work for me, it made me aware that I could build a routine that not only helped me get rid of my heat damage, but could also help me embrace my curls

  3. PeachyyLeafs
    PeachyyLeafs says:

    If you have watched KC Undercover ( its on disney+ if you wanna watch it ) she is kinda like KC se doesn't really care about her makeup and stuff which i love about her and KC

  4. Halicarnassus83
    Halicarnassus83 says:

    I'm sure many Black/White Interracial girls and guys appreciated this from Zendaya. Also most Mediterranean Peoples and Irish. Those born with Natural luxurious Curls.

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