Happy sunday everyone🧡
Today’s video is abour my self tanning and body care routine . I hope you enjoy xo

Products mentioned

Spa Cells Exfoliating Bodymit

Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay

Lux Unfiltered N28 Exfoliating Body Polish

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

Schick Men razors

Murad vita-c a triple exfoliating facial

Ghd bodyguard and Helios Hair dryer

Gisou Leave In Treatment

Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Foam

Nieva Essentially Enriched

Summer Friday’s

Kopari Coconut Milk

Lux Unfiltered N14 Santal Conditioning Body lotion

This video is not sponsored however the links above are all affiliated so I do make a small percentage if you decide purchase from that links 🙂


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  1. Jarely Molina
    Jarely Molina says:

    Hey I love your video. From all the videos I watched I feel yours helped me more to understand This will be my 1st time tanning and I really don't know what Shade to star with would you be able to help me with that please.

  2. Flower I
    Flower I says:

    As soon as you started the video you look very fresh and you hair looked wet so I assumed you just had gotten out of the shower just to find out it was just greasy 😂

  3. Emily Rene
    Emily Rene says:

    Okay but everytime i shave before the tan always sinks into the pores on my legs or arms do you have any tips?? Usually I’ll just apply the tan and shave the next day is what’s been working for me but if i could shave before with the right steps to take, i totally would 😭😭😭

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