SDL90ec Laser Hair Removal System Demonstration presents the new SDL90ec laser hair removal system.

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  1. K Brindsor
    K Brindsor says:

    I had great success with it. It produces a lot of energy – they give you a carbon paper to test it and it can burn a hole in it if you leave it on there…

  2. KaniS
    KaniS says:

    The company that makes this keeps changing names and changing the way the unit looks but they're all scams. lists some of the names this is sold under. Look at the pictures and notice how similar various units look to this one, and how similar the model numbers are. Check Amazon reviews and notice how many people say it does nothing. Also notice the guy in the video never demonstrates it on an actual hair. Units that work will burn the hair in a little puff of smoke, leaving the follicle red around it. Nobody sells a home unit that powerful, presumably because it's dangerous in untrained hands.

  3. Mike Diaz
    Mike Diaz says:

    I bought this laser a few years old and it does not work, it worked a bit on nail and skin fungus, as for hair removal a it work a bit here and there. and once it goes over 200 shots, the unit will turn off, and you will have to reset it, this laser is old tech, and not worth a nickel, this laser cost over $1200.00, thats a lot of money, for a laser that does not work. I have good success with Tria laser, one does shoots mirco lines of laser beams, on your skin, and other one for hair removal that both worked well. I am trying a new laser on the market it is call Neatcell Picoseond pen, blue laser on ebay for $59.00, so far this small a laser is more powerful than all of the lasers that I tried combine.

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