QUICK & EASY HOME HAIRCUT TUTORIAL | How To Cut Men’s Hair With Clippers

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Hi, and welcome back to “Like to Style” tutorials.
If you’ve never cut hair before, or if you’re a beginner, then this video is for you. In this short demonstration I will show, step by step, how to cut boy’s or men’s hair with clippers in the simplest way possible. So by the end of this video you will know all the basic techniques that can be applied to practically every haircut.


33 replies
  1. Hannah Meech
    Hannah Meech says:

    Literally the best hair cut tutorial I have found since this lockdown. If I found this back in march my husbands hair wouldnt look like a shambles right now.
    This video is better than the video they provide in the online barbering course I am doing!

  2. CanPat71
    CanPat71 says:

    Hello again! Thank you ever so much for this video as well as this has given me the confidence to cut my brother's hair which, under the same circumstances, he can't see his barber. You're a godsend and I can't thank you enough for your clear and helpful instructions on how to go ahead and do this!!!

  3. D J
    D J says:

    Best video of this kind. Well explained and broken down with clear visuals. Thank you. I just gave my husband the best haircut in years.

  4. Donna Southwick
    Donna Southwick says:

    As everyone has said, outstanding tutorial! Everything you have done has been perfection! Clear, easy to understand, straightforward, great cut, good at breaking down the process, etc so I wanted to tell you there is a grammatical error in your lesson. Because everything else is so perfect, I wasn’t sure you wanted to know or not. I’ll send you a message so you can listen or not, as you choose. Again, GREAT VIDEO! I’ll be putting this into practice tomorrow!!

  5. Camille Bianca
    Camille Bianca says:

    Clear and concise explaining the concepts and instructions… wish I had seen this years ago… hopefully my husband’s hair will look better now! I just get so flustered when I transition sections. I will try to go slowly and remember these steps. Thank you!

  6. Phillips family ❤️
    Phillips family ❤️ says:

    Thank you so much! I did better than the last time I cut my husband’s hair! This video was clear and understanding and I mainly used the clippers! I really appreciate your video because if not for this,he would have just went to a barber but I convinced him it would be cheaper with me doing and him helping around the edges!

  7. Kathleen Anne Whitton
    Kathleen Anne Whitton says:

    This is great thank you! My husband came home today holding hair clippers. He asked, "Honey, I was wondering if you might cut my hair from now on. Is that alright?" Nervous I said Sure, do you trust me? He said very assuredly, "of course you can do anything, you put your mind to." I was so impressed and full of joy to know he thinks that way about me. Lolol
    Now I must learn how to do it.

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