ALPHALETE 2023 BIRTHDAY SALE & NEW amplify activewear| in depth scrunch leggings try on haul review

New amplify & BDAY sale is happening feb 18TH-20th @ 12pm CST
Discount code BAILEY for additional 10% off

If you use my code thank you so so much yalls support means the world to me🥹🫶🏻 here is the giveaway link to enter🫶🏻

Launch details:
Everything will be up to 10-80% off
You can use an athletes code on top
Spend +$80 you qualify for free shipping!

10 new amplify colors!! (Linen, chai, rose, autumn, Willow, oak, ocean, midnight, smoke, shadow)
4.5 shorts, 6.5 shorts, leggings, stratus bra, seamless ribbed bra, amplify bra, stratus LS Crop, Stratus tank, full zip crop hoodie, Crewneck, full zip hoodie, pullover hoodie, hydro jug

Time stamps:
Old vs new bikers: 2:36
Tightest to least: 4:18
Marl colors: 4:29
Least to most squatproof: 4:32
Material & fit: 4:33
Leggings: 5:40
Bikers: 20:40
Bras/tops 29:00
Hoodies: 40:20

Instagram back up:
O/F is /Baileymstewart
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  1. Lauriane Fargues
    Lauriane Fargues says:

    Guys I need to know if i'm tripping or not : it has been said that the material is different, and even though the new one is very stretchy and comfy, I DO find that the scrunch is LESS flattering on the new versions. Like the scrunch looks longer and doesn't go .."in there" as the previous versions ( I compared shadow and smoke with my Dark water and aspen amplify leggings). I feel like it make my bum look longer somehow. Am i the only one to feel like this???

  2. Antoine Ray
    Antoine Ray says:

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  4. Antoine Ray
    Antoine Ray says:

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    Antoine Ray says:

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  6. Chelsie F
    Chelsie F says:

    Hi Bailey. I am stuck between two sizes and always chose the size up to order. I have small shorts in whale blue, blossom, hazelnut and misty lilac. I have a small leggings in hazelnut, pink and Scarlett. The waist bands are still compressive enough, but I have extra fabric behind the knees and in the front. My waist is 26.4 inches and 27 when bloated, my hips are 34. So I am stuck between xs and small based on my measurements. What would you recommend for sizing for the bottoms?

  7. Antoine Ray
    Antoine Ray says:

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