Hi everyone today I will be testing out the La Roche Posay Effaclar skincare collection on my acne, dry, sensitive skin for 2 weeks to give you my thoughts on the products. Enjoy!

Products Mentioned:
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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser for Oily Skin

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micro-Peeling Purifying Gel Cleanser

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Dual Action Acne Treatment

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Serum for Blemish-Prone Skin

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Introduction
1:25 Product Information
5:16 Cleansers First Impression
7:13 Serum First Impression
7:50 Acne Treatment First Impression
8:34 4 Day Update
9:59 1 Week Update
11:27 2 Week Update

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  1. Ms. SA
    Ms. SA says:

    Hi, I'm from Philippines not fluent in speaking english but I just want to sag Thank you to you. Watching your videos somehow light up me in my darkess days. I've been struggling for acne and now acne scars for almost 20 yrs. I've already tried so many products from cheapest to expensive one .Im not financially stable also to see a doctor. I didn't enjoy my teenage years and adulthood because of my acne. Watching someone like you is like having a friend who understands me.. What can I do ? In the end you have to wake up everyday and go on with your life 🙂

  2. Sarika Vijay
    Sarika Vijay says:

    I have super dry acne prone skin and niacinamide makes my skin drier and i break out in tiny spots. I wud suggest that you try skipping the niacinamide and see if ur skin improves. Personally love, ascorbic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid…

  3. Gillian
    Gillian says:

    Just wanted to say you have beautiful skin! I am not sure if your still dealing with acne but it looks like you skin is speckled with beautiful little freckles and I love it!

  4. JadeCeci
    JadeCeci says:

    I have been using the cleansing gel consistently for many many years. It's great at cleaning everything. I tried some other cleansers before and they were not enough to clean up my huge pores. This one does. But it's drying. You definitely should not wait to apply moustrizer right after it. If you apply, it's all fine. I'm not sure if I want to do it yet but I might switch to a more gentle cleanser for morning. I need better cleansing in the evening to clean my make up but not so much in the morning.

    I have been using effaclar duo for some time as well. But I never used it consistenly. Used it for a month then dropped etc etc. I'm trying to be consistent about it now because I'm trying to maintain a proper skin care. I need to say, this is not very effective if you do not use it long term. But I did see benefits from using it regularly for long periods. However, this is drying too! Especially if you are using the cleanser, you cannot use this as your main moustrizer! Did that for long time and had very irritated skin which made me stop using the product time to time. Also you should use this product in small amounts. If you apply too much even once a day, your skin might feel irritated. Now instead, I started using this as my main moustrizer only in the morning but after my skin absorbs it, I apply a thicker cream on the drier parts of my skin (my chin, corners of my nose). And at night, I use another more hydrating cream. It's going good so far. Now that I dont have very irritated skin anymore, I started using differin at night as well.
    Note: Its not a good make up base. I usually apply my night moustrizer which is a good make up base before applying makeup (around 30+ mins after i applied effaclar duo)

    The fragrance never irritated my skin, the smell isnt significant either.

  5. Hasnain Randhawah
    Hasnain Randhawah says:

    Can i use vitamin c serum in mY daiLy routine because i have acne ..can u recommended which la roche posay serum i used . . now a days i used vitamin c la roche possay serum

  6. Isla Ary
    Isla Ary says:

    I had awful acnes for years & now based on my experience: gentle cleanser is better > effaclar serum > hydrating serum/moisturizer . Too much actives are not good. Cause skin is purging & becomes sensitive. For morning… you can use cleanser > light moisturizer & spf . I didn’t go well with adapalene, benzoyl peroxide etc. effaclar serum doesn’t go well with effaclar duo. You gotta choose. Just my tipps, hope it helps. Skincare is very personal & it can’t be same for everyone.

  7. im amela hehe
    im amela hehe says:

    La roche posay blue cleanser and cicaplast cream made my acne go away. My acne was really bad and la roche posay made my skin look good again. But before you buy it consult with a dermatologist cause everyone's skin is different and for some it can cause a break out

  8. Joanne Jacob
    Joanne Jacob says:

    Just bought the face wash and Efacular duo and Effacular toner made my skin sting so bad and broke me out the wash and cream are amazing but the toner bthe targets enlarged pores stung my skin so I had to stop using it did this happen to anyone else? I found it strange as the other products left my skin clean fresh and soft but the toner stung me so bad! Which I'm pissed about because it cost me 40 euro because I purchased the Effacular Anti Blemish System "
    Cleanser 200mls Toner 200mls and Moisturiser duo+ in a box I really had high Hope's for the Toner as it clears black heads and is ment to get rid of pores now I have a red face with a horrible break out 😔 did this happen to anyone else or if anyone has any tips I'm thinking of watering the Toner down might help they all have the same ingredients in it tho 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. NatureLoverSFl
    NatureLoverSFl says:

    That lotion has benzoyl peroxide which is like anti bacterial for acne. It basically allows oxygen to kill acne bacteria, it’s a really effective acne treatment. Maybe just drop the green active serum which is excessive if used too often. That moisturizer should be used twice a day, good luck it’s a journey for sure!

  10. Vlogs ieda rodrigues
    Vlogs ieda rodrigues says:

    Tu acné es por el hongo de tu cabeza, tienes caspa y estoy casi segura que se te cae el pelo. Consulta con un dermatólogo, te mandará un champú y te solucionará el problema con el acné 😊

  11. šarić
    šarić says:

    all of the stuff, especially the serum made my skin burn ALOT, it started to peel,burn and its mostly red. I got those results just yesterday can someone tell me if the redness, "wrinkles" and skin that feels like it has botox will go away? if not what do i do

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