Unicorn SFX Makeup Tutorial

Get ready for the prettiest unicorn makeup you’ll ever see!

In this new video, our MUA has done a super realistic unicorn horn, combining makeup with prosthetics!

Two different parts are used for the nose and the horn. I love to see how makeup artists put the prosthetics, it is super satisfying and once the makeup is applied over the prosthetics, you can hardly distinguish them it’s uncanny and magnificent at the same time!

This is not a simple unicorn, it’s a rainbow unicorn! Her wig and her eyeshadow are multicolored and her face represents the sky, very well done!

Let’s find a name for this unicorn in the comments!

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IG: https://www.instagram.com/safai305/

00:05 Prosthetics Installation
00:36 Facial Makeup
01:14 Prosthetics Makeup
01:36 Face Detailing
02:30 Gemstones
02:50 Before & After

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  1. Faith Stone's Persecution
    Faith Stone's Persecution says:

    People are hideous sometimes. I consider the wickedness of trying to make a "real one" against a person's wishes. I have heard stories about people burning one another and cutting off the faces of children believing that they were serving God.

    This was a good alternative.

    I am off of the ridiculousness. I work places where there are apparent blood deposits behind the walls. They may do this for money. I know that this is a random post. Beautiful makeup.

    Everyone needs Jesus here.

  2. Myrna Davis
    Myrna Davis says:

    Keep copying the ways of the heathens around us and wonder why we can't seem to get out of the condition we're in Made in His image male & female

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