EARLY 2000s HAIR TUTORIAL (Y2K) | Amanda Steele

Here’s an early 2000s hair look tutorial from my TikTok & IG. Let me know what you think!

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Shot and edited by Team Playback

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Amanda Steele is a young fashion designer, actress & model. Amanda is best known for her beauty and fashion expertise given on Youtube including beauty tutorials, makeup how-tos and fashion vlogs. She’s been making videos since 2010 and is just getting started building her empire. She also is the CEO, Owner and Designer for Steele Clothing.


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  1. Mymy
    Mymy says:

    That’s late 80s 90s hairstyle created by black culture and black women. Our aunties in mothers were wearing these hairstyles in their teenage years in 20s.

  2. Neha Rai
    Neha Rai says:

    Ahhhh, thank you, I wanted to dress up as Jennifer garner in 13 going on 30 for Halloween this year and all of the other videos said to get fake hair from Amazon and I didn't want to, I wanted to actually do the hairstyle, so thank you so much for figuring this out for us ❤

  3. Sufian Rahman
    Sufian Rahman says:

    I testify, there is none worthy of worship except Allah and the Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Islam is the only true religion in the world. Watch Dr Zakir Naik video from Youtube. Allahu Akbar, "Allah is the greatest".

  4. ㅁ

    This brings so many memories. Me and pretty much all girls in elementary school styled our hair like this back in the day, it was so cool. y2k is my childhood, so I'm happy the fashion is coming back. Low rise jeans are best left in the past, though.

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