VLOG: feeling in a rut, laser hair removal, a lot of unboxing + Brody got hurt :(

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45 replies
  1. Jill Brandenstein
    Jill Brandenstein says:

    do you really think if the guys are getting what they want from you its worth all the money you spend on laser is worth it?????n they could care less is your hairless …..just saying

  2. Marissa C
    Marissa C says:

    For the laser hair removal – the stage you're at in your cycle effects your pain tolerance! I mistakenly scheduled while I was bleeding and it hurt SO MUCH more!!

  3. Sophie Bowland
    Sophie Bowland says:

    I have the same hoops that I got from Amazon and I got them in a pack of like 8 and it was for $12 bucks and they haven’t changed color or anything great quality for inexpensive

  4. Carlisle Pinter
    Carlisle Pinter says:

    I use to get so much stress over what my Instagram profile looked like and picking the perfect picture it turned into a chore to post. I stopped caring bc that’s not what I wanted my Instagram to be for and it’s made me sooo much happier! It took me a lot of time to not care and I still get a little twinge sometimes to post cohesively but I ignore it and post what ever the heck I want 🙂

  5. Kianna Dufault
    Kianna Dufault says:

    I like instagram story recaps better than posting throughout the day. I also think you are stressing too much about instagram posts! Post whatever you want!!

  6. Kelly Ahmadi
    Kelly Ahmadi says:

    I love a good photo dump! Natural, no filter always looks best. I think I’m honestly 10x less likely to like an edited picture. I like just seeing peoples lives it’s really not deep at all

  7. Bridget Coyne
    Bridget Coyne says:

    I think bc I’m not an influencer it’s easier maybe in a sense but I did care so much in the past how many likes I got, used Facetune etc and now I just simply don’t give a crap, I always hide likes and turn off notifications from instagram as a whole, sometimes I post twice in a day or not for two weeks just depends on my mood, and sometimes I post a ton on my stories but I think it stemmed from seeing my younger sibling and cousins post not one single photo in fear of how others would react and it made me feel bad that they never had that phase like we did when insta first came out of like posting pics of your eyeball and whatever else you felt like, and it made me want to post more organically and not what would get me more likes etc. I know it’s not the same situation as yours but just thought I’d share, I know it’s your job but it’s more fun when it’s less serious! And I personally don’t love reels and such but I do like when you recap your day the day after, I thought when you first started doing it that it was a safety thing because you travel so often but do whatever makes you happy!! Sorry that was so long 😅😂

  8. Marish
    Marish says:

    I used to be obsessed with presets, back in 2019 my whole feed was curated and it was so fun but also so much work! I guess I’ve matured somewhat and honestly don’t care how my photos match, I just like to post what makes me happy and what is authentic to me! I understand it’s your job, but I love how in your photos you aren’t trying to be someone you aren’t. I feel like it truly reflects what you love and your personality shines through!

  9. Liz Graham
    Liz Graham says:

    Been loving the longer vlogs! You've been even more authentic and more yourself lately and its been so enjoyable to watch!! You're doing such a good job of being present and enjoying your life but still making incredible content. Love your podcast and all of your work. Also, I've always thought that your Instagram looked cohesive. I end up stealing pics from it because it looks so good.

  10. Nicole Tolliver
    Nicole Tolliver says:

    Easy to say “just manifest” when you make money from having followers. Most people don’t have the privilege you do. It isn’t about manifesting. It’s about privilege.

  11. Sky Martens
    Sky Martens says:

    Really feel you with IG, I’m all about the aesthetic and it stresses me out. I started using Setty, they are presets but you can adjust how harsh they are!! I like it bc I use the same filter for all photos so every photo has the same vibe regardless of what the photo is! It looks pretty natural too!!

  12. Shay P
    Shay P says:

    Why can’t instagram just be for fun and not be a business for a while? Still do your prescheduled stories for work but as far as photos… just post the ones you want for memories and let the other streams of social media be your business and perhaps your interest will return.

  13. Vicki Violet
    Vicki Violet says:

    My favorite thing in the last couple years is to only color-grade photos and don’t apply a filter or preset. Makes your photos look cleaner and takes the stress off going through all the filters for so long. I personally haven’t posted on instagram in the past few months cause I needed a break but it helps to post what you want and have fun with it. The more authentic and true to yourself you are, the more others will start to notice and value your content.

  14. Gabriela Herrera
    Gabriela Herrera says:

    Honestly Ive been liking how creators have been taking instagram less serious and just posting dumps and funny chill photos of themselves or what their doing its just more personal and less structured

  15. Bianca Souza
    Bianca Souza says:

    I think it speaks volumes about you as a content creator that you didn't whip out the camera the moment Brody got hurt. So many people only care about getting "good content" even when it's inappropriate. Just another reason why you're my fav. Feel better, Brody! ❤

  16. jordan
    jordan says:

    Love you gg but we want real and not photoshopped/filtered stuff. But ig is just done in general. It’s too perfect and everyone just fakes what they post. Plus it doesn’t show your personality

  17. Aidan Myers
    Aidan Myers says:

    I think you are doing a great job across all of your channels I follow you on everything and love all your content thank you for making so much content all of the time haha. Honestly I’m 25 and I feel like Instagram I do no gravitate towards as much as YouTube and podcasts because as I get older the more the more I like seeing content from peoples lives that I resonate with. Lol I love love your TikToks with your podcasts over the TikTok with little videos that is my favorite favorite favorite kind of content you make for tiktok and instagram. I hope this helps

  18. Halie Adam
    Halie Adam says:

    Keep trying different things for your ig posts until you find something you like! Go with your gut and do what you feel best represents you and your style

  19. Kathleen E.
    Kathleen E. says:

    Laser was the BEST decision!! I'm almost done all my sessions. Expensive, but worth every penny. I'm like you, I just chat with my laser technician and that seems to provide some distraction from the pain! It's so quick too, and I feel like the actual pain from the laser is very short lived, like it hurts when the zap is happening, and then it's gone. It doesn't linger. It also gets less painful each time, at least that's been my experience, since there's less and less hair. I totally feel you on how great laser hair removal has been. It's a splurge, but I'm super glad I went for it.

    And poor Brody! I hope he's doing ok now! 🐕🩹

  20. quirky813
    quirky813 says:

    Maybe I don’t understand but why do your photos have to match the ones before it? When I look at your posts, I just enjoy the pictures for what they are.

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