How to start filming natural hair tutorials for YouTube & Instagram; A BEGINNERS GUIDE PART 1

OPEN ME!!! This is the most detailed and comprehensive video you are going to be needing if you want to become a natural hair youtuber and start filming natural hair videos for both instagram and youtube on your mobile phone and DSLR camera.

Let me know in the comments which particular hairstyle you’ll want to create when you start.
In this video, I share the most affordable setup for filming videos as well as how to set up your lighting and camera for filming youtube and instagram natural hair videos. I also share some backdrop ideas for filming youtube videos.
I also share some tips on how to film engaging natural hair videos.

If you enjoyed this and would want a part two, then you can let me know in the comment section.

Part 2 –
Part 3 –

00:00 – Intro
00:58 – Inspirational tea about the online natural hair community
02:00 – Camera
04:00 – Lighting #1
04:41 – Affordable set up for filming #1
05:21 – lighting #2
06:39 – Affordable set up for filming #2
08:17 – DIY affordable Backgrounds
10:12 – How to set up camera to film for instagram & youtube
14:09 – How to find natural hairstyle inspiration
15:37 – Let’s talk about this series
16:51 – Filming tip #1
17:37 – Tip #2
18:47 – Tip #3
20:10 – Tip #4
20:42 – Tip #5
21:16 – Tip #6
22:20 – The end

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  1. Philemon Victress
    Philemon Victress says:

    Ok I’m back!!!😂😂😂
    1. See levels nauuuuu!!!! This video is too top notch abeg!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    2. Is it just me but the short clips of you using your phone, I loved it more. I miss the humble beginnings 😫😫😂😂
    3. Not you calling us sweetheart up and down. Who’s your sweetheart???🤣🤣🤣
    4. Spin that hair girl!!! Give us 360! Omo see energyyyyyyy !!!!! Love to see it 😂
    5. Not me rushing to IG to find the lady that smiles all through her video and then realizing you smiled through all this video too! I mean almost 30 mins in and your dimples were on full display???😭😭😭 Now, ladies and gentlemen that’s what I call “bringing your personality to the table.”😂😂😂
    6. When will series 2 be out?????
    Bottomline: I’m waiting for the next premiere 🌚
    Ok now I’m done! Byeeeeee 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Jennifer Mazi
    Jennifer Mazi says:

    Hiiii 😊..thank you so much for your amazing tutorial. It was really helpful ❤. I do have a question though. When you showcase the products you use in the video, isn't it like free advertising? What are the chances that a brand would want to partner with you when you're already advertising their products for free?

  3. iamkantu
    iamkantu says:

    @Deborah Boms been watching this video for the second time now i am planning to start a youtube channel and trully speaking it is overwhelming on how to start am scared how people will react , coz i want to be doing hair, school / travel from school to home and vice veser vlogs, life style fashon , etc just icomperating ideas from where ever i am so please advice and help your sis i will be glad to hear from you.

  4. Adebiyi Adewunmi
    Adebiyi Adewunmi says:

    Thank youuuuu🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Does the position we put the phone matter?

    Is the slanting position better?

    I’ve watched the answer sigh😂😂

  5. Sincerely, Aneace Janel
    Sincerely, Aneace Janel says:

    I would love your advice! I just started my YouTube channel 3 weeks ago and I’m thankful to my friends and family for getting me to 127 subscribers but now I’m trying to build my following. New IG page has 186 followers

  6. Jill of all Trades
    Jill of all Trades says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this I’ve been debating about starting my channel just did my first video and was skeptical and anxious thanks for the inspiration to keep going and for all the great tips this is exactly what I needed!!!

  7. Buhle N
    Buhle N says:

    I loved these tips. I use my phone to shoot my YT videos, I loved using my back camera to shoot until I ran out of space and only noticed after I finished, what's worse it was a wash day & I mean I can't now rewash my hair, it was so demotivating. so now I do those with my front camera and the XR front camera quality is not too bad. I'll use your tip of using a mirror as a viewfinder from now on

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