The Untold Truth: Does IPL Hair Removal REALLY Work!? (My 8 Week Experiment & Results)

IPL Hair Removal Device :
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In today’s video I am going to be trying out the Innza IPL Hair Removal Device and put it to the test to see whether or not IPL Hair Removal at home devices actually work for hair removal or permanent hair removal! I tried this device for 8 weeks and this is what I found…

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  1. Daniel Cage
    Daniel Cage says:

    I purchased the kenzzi IPL device many months before and I was very diligent in using it once every week for the period of three months. To my understanding it will reduce my body hair drastically and I wouldn`t have to use it again, man was I SO WRONG! After the 3 months of using it constantly and and diligently. The hair slowly but surely came back completely in full, it was like it's gushing out the same texture the same length and the same everything like i've never treated it. I wasted 250 USD or so and so much of my time. This isn't a permanent hair removal technique and not a close one either. It's just helps prolong hair sleep cycle before they're awakened and back in full.

    My advice to anyone thinking of purchasing it, you have to know this isn`t permanent, the hair will grow back, it can be painful and you can also burn yourself leading to burn marks staying for LONG time, i still have burn marks after many months of the incident, and finally it is a waste of your time and money. I'm now considering alternative permanent hair removal solutions.

  2. Vin
    Vin says:

    I wouldn’t purchase the random ones (Kenzzi, 5minskin, xsoul, ones that just say laser hair removal, or even the longer green ones). These can be found all over Alibaba/Ali express for about $15-$50. Many of these companies are just placing their logo/name on generic IPL’s from these Chinese sites. Sometimes you’ll have two different names on the same product, or a company will change their name after bad reviews or if they’ve been found to be fraudulent.

  3. --
    -- says:

    I had exactly the same results with an old IPL device. First bald patches, then every single hair grew back as usual. I see "permanent" on new models ranging from under $100 to $400+ and i'm skeptical. It's the same technology. It doesn't seem to work. Maybe if i keep doing it non-stop 24/7 for months i'll cause enough damage to my body that hair won't be a concern for me anymore. lol

  4. iamsheel
    iamsheel says:

    2:14 I can't believe that I just can't. I had some facial sessions in 2016 and the pain was really traumatizing. It is so severe that would damage my mental health for three days more than it did to my hair follicles.

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