Sleeping with wet hair vs dry. Watch the difference! Hair tool used: Waver Bun


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  1. Fizzypopization
    Fizzypopization says:

    If you want to curl your hair with wet hair at night you just have to put it up differently like put it in a braid and then bun it. It doesn't really matter wet or dry.

  2. Arija Cila
    Arija Cila says:

    I don't know who made up this shit that is not good to sleep with wet hair. I do it my whole life and I never have damaged hair, bacteria on my scalp, or fungus.

  3. Hey Mikey
    Hey Mikey says:

    Was the wet hair actually in a bun like the dry hair was? If not, it’s technically not a proper comparison of sleeping with wet vs dry hair…

  4. Priscilla
    Priscilla says:

    But it was wrapped up while dry.. not a fair comparison.. try wrapping it wet (probably wouldnt dry all the way but if it did it would be very pretty)

  5. jiin jjooo
    jiin jjooo says:

    maybe slightly off topic but just for people to know, especially for those who have more of a thick and dry hair, blow drying on low temp. is actually much healthier for the hair than air drying. i personally noticed that when i blow dry it and go to sleep my hair feels much stronger and healther and looks better, and there are actually researches supporting that

  6. Kaylin Munoz
    Kaylin Munoz says:

    i go to sleep with my hair wet my hair is perfect in the morning like perfect waves perfect curtain bangs i don’t even need to style it but when it’s dry is like 🤡

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