Late 20s PM Skincare Routine

Hey guys, I had someone request an updated skincare routine, and I love talking about skincare so… the video is over 20 minutes long! I’ll put in time stamps below. Subscribe to Freakmo here:

Check out for one of my favourite skincare communities.

0:45 Skincare routine starts with makeup remover via an oil cleanser

3:51 Second cleanser

4:55 Anti Acne masks

7:38 Anti aging serums

11:30 Snail Mucin

14:03 Facial Oil

14:52 Night time moisturiser

14:56 Occlusives

18:38 Other products

Skincare Products Used:

Kose Speedy Cleansing Oil

Paula’s Choice Moisture Boost Cleanser

Drunk Elephant Babyfacial Mask

Sunday Riley Saturn Mask

The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides

Cosrx 96 Snail Mucin*

The Ordinary Rosehip Oil

EltaMD PM Moisturiser

Cosrx Honey Mask*


Bioderma Cicabio*

The Ordinary ALA


Filming equipment:

Canon 70D *

Canon 24-70 Lens *

Rode Compact Microphone (on camera) *

USB microphone (voice over on computer) *

* = affiliate link


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38 replies
  1. Freakmo
    Freakmo says:

    Question: Do you want any more skincare videos, eg. top 5 products for anti-aging, or things you might not know about sunscreen?

  2. Kristen Krusten
    Kristen Krusten says:

    Kiana, Thank you for this tutorial. I have adult acne and it always appears on my chin. I'm quite fair skinned and have a few red spots/scars. I ended up incorporating the snail mucin and rose hip seed oil to my night time routine. It's been a month and it's made a huge difference. Thank you so much. 🙂

  3. ella sophie
    ella sophie says:

    Hey! Congratulations on the wedding. My names Ella Phillip-Clarke. My mum is Joanne Phillip-Clarke and my dad is Warren. I love your channel. But yeah congrats!

  4. sylest holzwarth
    sylest holzwarth says:

    I know this isn’t a prosthetics video, but it would be cool if you did a video on making a “cheap” prosthetic look better/more realistic. (Like one of those ones you get from a drugstore at Halloween time).

  5. Sky Rose
    Sky Rose says:

    This video has me with $35 of ordinary in my cart :/ rosehip oil, glycolic toner, their SA, and the original buffet. I could use a re-up of their aha and bha mask. Have you tried the Dr jart cicapair overnight mask? So amazing.

  6. Jackie Barron
    Jackie Barron says:

    Hey! Just wanted to say I've been watching your videos since I was like 13-I'm 18 now! Got to meet you at Monsterpalooza this year. I saw you and I was like "is that Freakmo???" You're very sweet! Love your videos, I'm excited to see what you upload this Halloween season!

  7. Gemma Tweddell
    Gemma Tweddell says:

    Hey, loved the video. I have recently been using Clinique as it doesn't contain any fragrances. I have acne prone skin and use the anti blemish cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Really need to start using suncreen again but wanted to clear my skin a bit first. The Clinique take the day off oil cleanser/remover I heard is really good so might try that next. I'm 31 and I have large pores, acne scars and pigmentation too. You have such nice skin. Congrats on your wedding 🙂 xx

  8. tinythingy4
    tinythingy4 says:

    I am still not very experienced with skincare, but i have become really interested! This summer i think i have found my best routine so far! I use some more local products that probably arent available in your country, but i also got the ordinary hyaloronic acid and squalane and they are nice. At first i thought i should use hyaloronic acid first since it feels more watery, but then when i put the squalane on top i starts pilling. But in the opposite order it works! Sometimes i also use aloe vera or some pharmacy cream to soothe if my skin is annoyed, then i seal it all in with a moisturiser that isnt so sticky. I have been wanting to try an enzyme peeling for a while but havent bought one yet. Changing my cleansing routine has also been helpful, i changed the soapy one for a cleansing milk and started to really massage it in and not be lazy. I just exfoliate by gently rubbing a wet towel after cleansing, idk if its right but it works. I didnt realise skincare could be so nice until i found what worked for me !

  9. TheDyleila
    TheDyleila says:

    In the evening I always wash my face, apply spot treatment, use specific skin care for oily skin but no matter which kind of products I use, I will wake up ultra oily and my blackheads are very apparent. Any advice :(?

  10. houseofjurai
    houseofjurai says:

    My skin looks like the thumbnail for this video sometimes tbh. Real talk though, I'll be 30 in November and I really appreciate this series, thanks a lot gurl.

  11. Melisa Rautio
    Melisa Rautio says:

    Love this! I have watched you for years because you always share so much information and your videos are so educational. I'm a huge skincare lover and an incrediend nerd myself so this type of content is much welcome 😄

  12. Aspen Read
    Aspen Read says:

    I’ve had such a hard time with hyper-pigmentation and I’m really excited to start investigating the products you’ve been using!

    I’ve been watching your channel for years now and I’m so happy for you that you’re getting married! I’ve had such a wonderful time seeing you grow and progress in your art 💕

  13. Liz Friesen
    Liz Friesen says:

    you should try the snail repair cream by mizon, (I get it off amazon its pretty cheap and lasts forever) I've found that it has all the snail goop properties without the gross slime feeling

  14. Sasha
    Sasha says:

    I really live for the muji cleansing oil. It makes my skin feel as though I don't need to double cleanse (I do anyways lol). Its one of my most effective makeup remover that doesn't dry out my skin.

  15. Michelle Ciccone
    Michelle Ciccone says:

    I'm not sure if it's something you'd care to know, but Deciem (the parent company of The Ordinary) has a CEO who's gone totally rogue. I loved The Ordinary until I saw Deciem's instagram and heard about what the CEO has been doing. You can google it if you wanna know more about how the company is operating and their (lack of) ethics at the top level. 😞 Otherwise love your video! 💜

  16. Ema Ouardi
    Ema Ouardi says:

    Hi ! I'm French. Scar is Cicatrice in french. I believe that's why the creams start with cica, it probably means they help with scars. It's funny that I actually have a cream named Cicalfate 😂 I didn't realise how commun it was before you said it !

  17. Sara S.
    Sara S. says:

    Your skin seems really similar to mine (sensitive, dry with some spots once in a while and some scarring), although I do have atopic skin. But I’ll try a few of these products!

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