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  1. Kainat Anjum
    Kainat Anjum says:

    I’m a doctor and honestly tell you .Its not a myth it actually grows back thick hair so never use razor on your face. I removed my hair with the razor on the face and i have got so thick hair growth on face now I’m taking laser hair removal sessions ..

  2. Suriya Suriya
    Suriya Suriya says:

    Api main ek mejhbor lerki hon plz ab remzan aa reha hsi ap meri help ker den plz api main buht mushkel main hon .mujhy 30 hzar day den mery upper kerz hai plz api main ap ko buht dua dun GI


    Boht he achy tareqy se detail se apny SB clear kia k mind ma jitny questions thy jitny dar thy sb door ho gy …thank you so much itna achy tareqy se batany ka🤗
    Mind ma yai hota tha k shyd bal thick ar zeyada aty hongy razer se pr apki video se ye dar b khtm ho gya 🤗

  4. Memoona Mushtaq
    Memoona Mushtaq says:

    Still mera skin treatment chal rha..aj kal Dr.Raheela ko visit kr rhi hun…itna paisa b lg rha or 1 ajeeb c azziyat hoti apna face dekh k…
    So plzzzz girls don't go to 3D lifestyle..wrna meri trah beth k ro rhi ho g

  5. Memoona Mushtaq
    Memoona Mushtaq says:

    3D lifestyle is just a wastage of time, money n also a disaster to ur skin..I got my 6 face n neck laser sessions from Faisalabad Susan Road branch. Literally the staff is so rude, incompetent and less skilled I I sure. Meri Literally glass clear skin thi (bss facial hair thy wo b koi boht zada nhi just side buns thy n kuch hair chin pe b thy) before getting laser done..Even the doctor n the consultant praised my skin. N soon after 2nd session my skin got bumps, pimples. I conplained to the concerned person (consultant) and she said its just ok ans it's normal and prescribed a few ointments including serum and face wash. Well I used but no visible results. My skin got more worst n worst after each session. Every time the consultant kept on changing medicines but all went in vain. So jaisy tesy kr k 6 sessions poory kiy n just left 6 sessions ka pckg liya hua tha…
    In short poor services, poor staff n unhygienic way of treatment.

  6. Blacks and Greys
    Blacks and Greys says:

    ironic how women of the society are expected to remove hair from their fingers too to fit the defined beauty standards and the pain they go,through the time and money they waste on these shitty things and if a man doesn't even shaves his pubes noone will ask him dude stop wasting so much money on this shit instead use it for something productive which will benefit you in the future

  7. Clickmedeliveryservicesyoutubechannel
    Clickmedeliveryservicesyoutubechannel says:

    first of all, I highly appreciate the efforts you did an excellent job explaining step by step but I have one doubt about this machine you are using for hairs removal my question is that have you ever tried only Razor only for shaving I have doubts that hairs removal machine doesn't work like that its happens with razors and credit goes to device trust me to try it hope you must consider on my request

  8. Anam Azam
    Anam Azam says:

    Hi anya, I watched your video for the first time and I must say , uts really informative.. thank you for putting alot of effort.. I want to.ask if instead of shaving can we go for waxing before using ipl?

  9. SL
    SL says:

    Hi Anya, just wanted to say from all the vlog I have watched regarding laser your vlog is the most straightforward to understand and so informative, thank you so much for being so honest regarding laser really appricate all your efforts ❤

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