3 Hime Gyaru Hair Tutorials ♡

Hey cutie! How are you? Today I wanna show you 3 of my go-to hime gyaru hairstyles! I love love love doing these and they’re also super easy to do. Please note: I did use wig pieces for these tutorials! Enjoy ♡

♡♡ Wigs used ♡♡
2 rope wigs
2 ponytail wigs
1 half wig
2 curly bun wigs

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Hiiragi Hanon
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  1. perly
    perly says:

    Hello Lizzie! I discovered you on tiktok and I also found you here, and let me tell you… I'm so glad I had the chance to know you! You feel like the bigger sister we need! Thank you for creating such enjoyable and fun content 💋🌷

  2. SaraJSweetheart
    SaraJSweetheart says:

    I have two wrap around ponytail extensions, im gonna try do the twin buns with them – I just need to figure out how to make them REALLY big like yours are! (i have a couple of new cute hime/himekaji co-oreds/dresses to wear them with! Theres also a Claires thats opened just around the corner from me! watch this space!)

  3. Toxic Tsukino
    Toxic Tsukino says:

    Haha the secret of all secrets; most gyaru cheattttt. At least when it comes to stuff like this. Unless they go to the salon for a hair set/suji but that’s not them doing their hair unless they really know some witchcraft fuckshit and have the time to do it all 😂💜 and even then, they have braided in extensions to help with volume and extra help to fill in gaps!

    Thanks for sharing your secrets! 💜✨ I know that was a huge challenging factor that held you back before with himegyaru and I’m so proud of you seeing you grow and conquer it!

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