My Bonsai Landscape Challenge, Part 4A, The Bonsai Zone, Feb 2023

I’m planting the trees in my “bonsai landscape challenge”. This is a water-land penjing with my Chinese marble pot. I have split today’s video in two parts, 4A and 4B.

I have been challenged by Gail of the YouTube channel “GG Evergreen Bonsai” to create a bonsai landscape!
This is a fun challenge and I have finally decided on a plan after 4 weeks of thinking!!

Check out the original challenge video here….

Check out Gail’s channel “GG Evergreen Bonsai” here….

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  1. Frost Bite Bonsai
    Frost Bite Bonsai says:

    Wow! That looks great! I have been fascinated with Ming since you did the $50 challenge LOL I had only seen ones that look like your cutting previous to that. A third cutting in the back would make an odd number, but I think it would change the scale of the rocks and they would looks smaller. The land Rover is definitely stuck. I hope you have CAA, the bill to get that towed out is going to be astronomical…

  2. Liisa3139
    Liisa3139 says:

    I like the Aralias, but I have to agree with some of the people here on that the main tree looks a bit too big now. Maybe you can develop it at some point by trimming so that it doesn't look quite as big as it does now. The trunk in itself is good and looks like a mature tree. A cutting would look too young and without enough character. An interesting project!

  3. Notion Bonsai
    Notion Bonsai says:

    Oh waow! that looks so darn cool! The arrangement of rocks reminds me of a beach that I use to go to every summer when I was younger. It's a a place called gweedore here in Ireland. I've never seen a tropical beach type landscape planting before. Great job Nigel!

  4. mohammad orwani
    mohammad orwani says:

    I love the way you create the scene in all its stages, But I fear that the great tree has so dominated the landscape that it obscures the rocky bay. But it's still a contemplative scene for sure, always thankful for the beauty Nigel offers🙏

  5. Vallery Stanishev
    Vallery Stanishev says:

    Very nice landscape. I really like the stones arrengment. However, in my opinion, the trees too big. To be a realistic representation of Kubu island, the trees should be at least twice shorter. PA would be perfect, but I understand why you do not want to spoil your nice PA forest.

  6. Betula Obscura
    Betula Obscura says:

    I would keep only one, smaller tree. That bigger tree is too much. It overshadows the landscape (which should be quite minimal and deserted). Proportions between pot, rocks and tree(s) are off.

  7. Mango
    Mango says:

    Just a beautiful landscape creation, you really have an eye for that! However.. To be honest the trees are ruining the complete project, totally out of scale in my opinion 🙁 the whole landsape looks more like an unimportant sideshow now. they are looking like aliens teleported a giant 50m rainforest tree into the desert. The stone formation looks tiny besides it, one leaf is bigger than a whole rock.. I would choose waaay smaller trees. Isn't the overall landscape with trees blending in the most important factor in penjing?

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